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  • There's always a chance

    My friend is on a dating app and she has matched with a cute guy but he did not message her. She has another dating app and she encountered the same guy. Luckily, they had a few talks but in the long run, the guy went idle. She assumed that he was too busy with his career in medicine. So today, she calls me up and has downloaded this new dating up and guess what? It was the same cute guy, this time he asked her out on a date. I was so happy for her that all this time they're finally going to meet and have a dinner date. Now, I believe that chances are made for everyone, you just have to wait for it.

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    I think that the third time went well, after all those matches, it came to his senses that it's about time that he should date your friend and luckily they're going to have one successful date. I can feel it!


    • rumdrum
      rumdrum commented
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      Maybe he's finding some time to finally think things through if she should ask her out on a date or not. But there he is, he gathered up all his courage to finally ask her out.

    • Hugurerbe
      Hugurerbe commented
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      Well as long as they've finally matched and had settled the plan of dating or hooking up then everything's fine. Maybe the third time would be the perfect time for them to finally be together, huh?

    • Tastype
      Tastype commented
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      Nope. He did not come into his senses. It was just that he noticed that the app has been showing the same people over and over again.

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    I'd be mad at him that it took him 3 chances but then again, I'd congratulate him for having the initiative to finally ask her out on the 3rd encounter. If he did not ask her out on that 3rd date then I'd be furious, I'd be the one to take your friend out and date her instead.


    • softheartedgirl
      softheartedgirl commented
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      I wonder why it even took him three times to finally ask her out on a date. Did he felt bad for not noticing how it would be a waste not to date a woman like that?

    • SaltBabyFlavor
      SaltBabyFlavor commented
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      softheartedgirl we may not know the reason behind it but I think they were both destined to hook up anyway. At least there was a chance and they took it.

    • NinaMcAdams
      NinaMcAdams commented
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      Why would you be mad at him? Dating is a preference and not a right. He is not obliged to date any woman for that matter.

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    Such dedication there, huh!? Well, I must say that I'm impressed, it may have taken so long before they can finally set up the date and now they're actually going out on a date. Yippie!


    • Amethyst54
      Amethyst54 commented
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      I'm sure that he's just busy with other things that's why he left his account active but does not usually use the app. Now, I think he has time to spend even took the chance to finally ask her on a date and that was successful already!

    • PieFun
      PieFun commented
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      I think they deserve to go out on a date, think of those chances that have been but then again destiny will always find a way for those two and I couldn't be happy enough for them.

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    She should still be careful, I don't know but it seems sketchy to me that he has missed 2 opportunities and on the third one, well, he suddenly feels like asking her out. Well, good luck on the date and I hope it turns out fine.


    • Dianawest
      Dianawest commented
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      Lol, don't overthink too much. This must be the chance or since it was mentioned that his accounts were idle then maybe the third profile or the third dating app is where he's usually active, am I right?

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    The third encounter seems odd, maybe when he saw your friend in a different picture, he might have thought that she's a different person. That's why he finally asked her out to have a date but during those first and second encounters, I think that those two profiles have different pictures too but not that pleasing to his eyes.


    • DanniMoon
      DanniMoon commented
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      Or maybe, he got curious of her and had thought of giving it a try for himself.

    • hameroon27
      hameroon27 commented
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      It's not that he saw a different version of her but maybe he might as well give it a try and see if they could be a match and there they are. Finally, after everything, they have finally set up a date.

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    Well, that is what matches could do. It depends on the person if he or she would take notice of it or not.


    • sexualdepth
      sexualdepth commented
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      He must have a number of matches and out of all people, she has caught his attention. I think that fate has done its job well for both of them.

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    Have they already met each other? If yes, how did the date go?


    • W3tThet1p
      W3tThet1p commented
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      We don't know yet, lol, there's no update but I'm pretty sure that by the end of the date, they both got laid really good lol!

    • surfsup
      surfsup commented
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      I don't think they haven't met, there are no updates whatsoever but I just hope that they have already.

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    Do we need to wait for a chance to arise or do we need to create a chance to pursue a dream?


    • Jasssa87
      Jasssa87 commented
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      Whatever it is that you think must be done, I think she did not wait for him. Instead, she found ways to be on different dating apps but he seems to be everywhere. Chances that he's been actively hooking up with people in those various dating apps.

    • Katherina001
      Katherina001 commented
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      As to what I've read from above, the woman has made accounts to those different apps and that one-time chance took place on the third try. Well, would that be a coincidence, or what?

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    Oh, I guess that it would be a usual first date and then followed by a one night stand. After that, the man would be gone. Both would be looking for other people once again.


    • carzin89
      carzin89 commented
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      It's always like that but if they wanted to hook up again then I guess they have each other's numbers to keep in contact.

    • Clitcomander
      Clitcomander commented
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      Let them look for other people and if they think that the first ones are better then they might even go back to them. Simple as that.

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    Could we say that the guy had nothing much to do, so he thought that meeting out would be some fun? I think that when we have extra time, that is the time that we seek some adventures in life.


    • ruby78
      ruby78 commented
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      I do think that he's just in the mood to finally hookup, he purposely left his account on idle and checked it out to see that there's been a huge amount of message just waiting for him and one of it was her, she immediately responded to his invitation and there they are.

    • AliveAngels
      AliveAngels commented
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      And they should continue looking for hookups in those dating apps while it's still there. But I'm sure that sooner or later they'll get tired of it though.

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    Chances are made for everyone who deserves it. We all needed one chance and we sure don't want to fuck this thing up for good. Make the most out of it, like when someone unexpected walks into your life, better not fuck this whole thing up.