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  • #16
    I only meet someone from social media once, and he looks the same in the picture. I only met him once and I haven't done it again yet.


    • JoeyBaby
      JoeyBaby commented
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      Would you show up if someone will ask you?

    • AliveAngels
      AliveAngels commented
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      Are you gonna meet him again next time if you have time? 1nytstand

  • #17
    I haven't met anyone yet from any website, but someone asked me and I am hesitating for now.


    • independentG
      independentG commented
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      Did you explain to that person why hesitating? what did he say then?

    • DilDoDabbins
      DilDoDabbins commented
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      Then don't meet him if you are hesitating about it. jackass

  • #18
    That is the reason why I don't want to meet someone on any websites. I may be disappointed.


    • AlysaBdN
      AlysaBdN commented
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      You can stop seeing him if you don't like him.

    • Tastype
      Tastype commented
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      You will be disappointed if you meet someone who has bad looks? fallinlove

  • #19
    If I had a plan to met someone I should make sure that the person I've been chatting with is the person I will meet.


    • TastyLove
      TastyLove commented
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      You should always do video calls to him, to make sure that he is.

    • Teanett
      Teanett commented
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      So you want to know that person more? RachelSiryn

  • #20
    Since I don't do phone sex, a tons of nudes would be better for me.


    • Tastyrese
      Tastyrese commented
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      Do you usually receive nudes? or you are the one who will send nudes?

    • KenjiNephew
      KenjiNephew commented
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      AnniePath Can you send me some nudes?

  • #21
    I feel sorry for those people who have been scammed. Like meeting someone who is very different from the picture.


    • BeautifulAglow
      BeautifulAglow commented
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      Yeah me too, they should not trust and believe someone that they only meet on social media.

  • #22
    Nope, and I hope that won't happen to me.


    • motherlove
      motherlove commented
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      You would be freak out if that would happen to you. lol. StoveLove

  • #23
    I don't have a plan to meet someone online.


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    I rememer what my friend told me, he said that it's been a couple of months he is chatting with the stranger, they meet in the resaurant and he was shock because he never tought that it was gay, we love LGBTQ we have a tons of friends who is gay but he was just shock because he tought that it's a woman but it turns out a man.


    • #25
      How can we spot fake profiles?


      • softheartedgirl
        softheartedgirl commented
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        I am looking here for some tips too.

    • #26
      Nah, I don't have a confidence to meet someone.


      • SaltBabyFlavor
        SaltBabyFlavor commented
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        What if that person keeps asking to meet you?

    • #27
      Does anyone from here like to hook up with me?