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  • Who would you tell first?

    When you finally knew that you are not straight, who would you tell first? Are you going to come out immediately to your friends and family? Or would you keep it to yourself?

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    If I were in that position, I think I won't tell anyone about it immediately. I think I will earn some strength and courage first.


    • daddyslittleG1rl
      daddyslittleG1rl commented
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      That's the spirit! You should take some time to build up the strength and courage before you can even tell everyone about your gender identity. Remember, do not be pressured.

    • NinaMcAdams
      NinaMcAdams commented
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      So, how long before you would come out and tell to the world that you are not straight? The longer it would be, the longer the agony that you would feel inside.

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    I do think that I will tell my friends first because some of my friends are part of the LGBT community and I am 100% sure that they will understand and accept me immediately.


    • jackass
      jackass commented
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      True! I think I should reach out to my LGBT friends too, I can imagine right now they might be celebrating for me because I've successfully come out to them first. And I know that no matter what happens, they truly accept me for who I am.

    • hameroon27
      hameroon27 commented
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      If your friends are members of the LGBT community, then they would be able to understand you for sure. They would accept you with open arms.

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    I would just keep it to myself. I know that the world is a cold, unforgiving and unwelcoming place. Coming out would be a dangerous and futile act. It is better not to come out in the closet.


    • H3r3foryou
      H3r3foryou commented
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      If you're in a country that does not accept LGBTQ+ people then I guess you're right. We should at least keep it to ourselves because it would be much safer. Sometimes you cannot trust other people these days.

    • PrincessGail
      PrincessGail commented
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      Yes, even in most countries, people are not readily available to accept those non-mainstream genders. You would still feel some discrimination.

    • GoobleHipur
      GoobleHipur commented
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      Some people have gone on this route, and they seem to be just fine. I do not know if coming out would be a relief from the heavy heart of keeping it from themselves.

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    I would tell it to my mother. I think that of all people, my mother should be the one to know it first before anyone else. I know that she would be able to accept me for being not straight. I need acceptance before I could tell my sexuality to the world.


    • hanesy
      hanesy commented
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      Moms are simply the best, hands down! Yes, they'll make sure that it's okay that you've opened up to them, and mother knows best, maybe her instincts were right all along. She's just waiting for you to come out to her it's a wise decision that you've made.

    • BunnyPeachShang
      BunnyPeachShang commented
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      I just hope that our mothers would understand and accept us just as we were I mean, we're still their children and why wouldn't they accept us if that ever happens right?

    • HearAlive
      HearAlive commented
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      I understand that it is easier to open up with our mothers, but how about to our fathers? I think that we would have some problems opening up with our fathers.

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    I would tell it to my best friend. But if I do that one, she might leave me. I had known some people where their friends left them after they had known the true sexuality of their friend.


    • Katherina001
      Katherina001 commented
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      Yes, you might lose some friends. But, in exchange, you would gain new friends. So, I guess that it would equate in the end.

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    I guess I'd come out to my social media account, I want my social media friends to know about this first so I'd get to see their reactions through the comments down below.


    • VaginalDestruction
      VaginalDestruction commented
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      You sound like a celebrity there and I'm guessing that you'll be needing to update your gender status as well, lol, kidding aside!

    • Skinnylove01
      Skinnylove01 commented
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      Such a diva thing for you to do, I mean, seriously? Do you have a fan base or something? Yeah, you do seem to sound like an online celebrity and people on your social media must be the first to know about this revelation of yours!

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    Wait, you took many years before you realized that you are not straight? I believe that you would notice that something is different when you are still a child.


    • AngelsMountain
      AngelsMountain commented
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      It's not too late to come out, some people would come out at a very old age, but it's still considered as one of the bravest things ever, when you decided to finally come out.

    • shumwap
      shumwap commented
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      AngelsMountain But when you are already old to come out, you had already missed lots of things. It is advisable to come out while you are young.

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    I think it's best if I'll just keep it to myself first, I'm trying to think of ways about coming out and who exactly the first person who needs to hear about this.


    • Marie25
      Marie25 commented
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      That's a good idea. Besides, coming out is not actually very easy. It should need some planning so that nothing will go wrong when you finally give the big revelation.

    • scrumptious1
      scrumptious1 commented
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      Right. For the mean time, just keep it to yourself. You could have lots of time to think it over before actually coming out. Or you could hide your true sexuality forever.

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    Mine is different. I would tell it to the person who I like the most. Yes, I would come out to her. I would tell her that I do like her and that I am a lesbian.


    • OreoEater789
      OreoEater789 commented
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      I wonder what reaction you'll be receiving from her, and honestly imagining it looks really hot.

    • AmazeAlive
      AmazeAlive commented
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      OreoEater789 Wow you have quite an imagination right there, my friend. Well, too bad that you are not actually part of the scene because she's into girls, not into guys like you lol!

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    I think it's best if I just keep it to myself first. In that way, I won't receive any judgments. Also, my plan would be to inform those who are close to me regarding my sexuality gradually. I think I'll drop small hints before actually dropping the big revelation.


    • pamela76
      pamela76 commented
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      That's what I'll do as well. I need to prepare myself because what I'm about to reveal is a big thing. Also, I will observe first if my friends and family are ready for my announcement.

    • hulagirlsexsexyum
      hulagirlsexsexyum commented
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      Keep it to yourself or not, it is your decisions anyway. As long as no one is pressuring you to come out of your shell then you shouldn't worry about it.

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    I don't think that there is really a need to tell them about my gender identity. It can already be observed through my actions. So maybe I won't tell anyone and I'll just let them notice it.


    • smilebaby
      smilebaby commented
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      Okay then, keep them guessing and soon you will just explain to them your true identity right? Sounds okay to me, if that's how you'd like to come out then it's fine.

    • Freew0man82
      Freew0man82 commented
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      AnniePath I think that actions wouldn't be enough to express your true identity towards other people. Maybe you should consider changing your appearance into the slightest touch of your 'coming out' gender and they will know that their hints are true.

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    I'll tell my parents first because I believe that they deserve to know what has been going on with my life. Plus, I know that they will accept me because I am their daughter after all. I am sure that they will be shocked but it will not come to a point where they will get angry.


    • Tastype
      Tastype commented
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      A friend of mine came out to her parents and they took it in an easy way, you wanna know what they did? They accepted her, no further explanations at all, nothing! They responded casually like, oh really? Because if it what makes her happy then they're happy for her as well.

    • kissmeback
      kissmeback commented
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      What would be your reactions, if after telling them, they would reply with something like this: "Oh, RachelSiryn, why only now? We have been waiting for you to come out since you were young!"

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    I think I would tell my dad first, why? My mom is quite scary LOL! I think my dad would be more proud knowing that I am not into boys all this time. He might not even contain it to himself and will immediately inform my mom about it, oh well, goodluck to me LOL!


    • cristel
      cristel commented
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      Yikes! That was an unexpected turn of events, lol. Your dad must be so proud that you're not into boys, but I do not know how your mom will react to it if she finds out, so, good luck. Much, much luck is all you need lol!

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    I think I would keep to myself first until I'm ready to tell it to someone I truly trust
    not all secrets are meant to be shared right away it does not matter if you, yourself
    is not ready for the consequences of the said fact that you are part of the LGBT


    • MikeInShiningArmor
      MikeInShiningArmor commented
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      for me, I would also keep to myself first cause being ready to face the world
      with our gender in front is difficult and really a heavy responsibility it may seem
      fun to share with the people you are close with but always be careful

    • elatederic
      elatederic commented
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      I agree with "mike" cause even in this time of day people discriminate gay people
      a lot of people are still very wary and hateful towards our community that's why
      if your nit ready mentally and physically I suggest that you keep it to yourself first