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  • The Pretender

    Has any of you been with or know a person who was a complete fraud? Like they would say that they've visited certain countries, owns their own businesses, etc...

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    I used to have a roommate who was like that. He was obviously trying to keep up with the lifestyle of his friends that he ended up having a shit ton of debt.


    • Blockro
      Blockro commented
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      How is he now? Does he still try to have an extravagant lifestyle or he has stopped doing it?

    • VaginalDestruction
      VaginalDestruction commented
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      Blockro I don't know about his current situation now as we were no longer roommates for a long time, but the time I left, he is in so much debt.

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    I've dated a person before and told me he was a travel blogger and roams all over the world and knows all the delicious foods of each country but in reality, he only watches videos and photoshops himself in those countries.


    • FedoraTheExplora
      FedoraTheExplora commented
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      How did you find out that he just photoshops himself in pictures that are taken from certain countries?

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    Been with a guy who told me he owns a business and has a lot of money but he didn't have money to pay our bills and he also ghosted me.


    • RachelSiryn
      RachelSiryn commented
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      Did he ever tell you what business he has? so you can visit him if it's true.

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    Not a guy that I dated, but it was a guy that I went to high school with. When I attended our reunion he bragged about the businesses and properties that he owned. A few weeks later, I found out that he filed for bankruptcy a few days before our reunion.


    • TickleMyTesla
      TickleMyTesla commented
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      I think that's just fine at least he wasn't a scammer or something terrible.

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    If you want to know whether the guy is a liar or not. If he tells you that he owns a business, try and ask him what kind of business he owns.


    • daddyslittleG1rl
      daddyslittleG1rl commented
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      Not sure that will work if the person that you're talking to is a professional con-man.

    • elatederic
      elatederic commented
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      daddyslittleG1rl there is a tell that they're a conman. You just have to know what it is.

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    I was once asked out by a guy that I didn't know does multilevel marketing. He was showing off the cars that he "owns" the places that he's been going to, etc...


    • SupaPussy789
      SupaPussy789 commented
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      Was he trying to recruit you to join you in their company so that you can earn a lot by just staying at home and just work a couple of hours per day.

    • BunnyPeachShang
      BunnyPeachShang commented
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      Does he actually owns those cars and been through different places in the world?

    • Softandwet
      Softandwet commented
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      SupaPussy789 that is probably his motive in showing me those cars hoping that I'll be eager to join in their business. BunnyPeachShang nah, I don't think he owns all of them for all I know some them could be just props.

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    I don't know why people do this certain kind of thing that will only affect his reputation if he keeps on bragging something that he doesn't own or have?


    • Jansa90
      Jansa90 commented
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      Did your date lie about something that made you believe him? Or did you lied about something on your dates or partners?

    • GraceJEAN
      GraceJEAN commented
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      Maybe it's his profession anyway to lie his way out of success so he will look great and extraordinary.

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    I only know someone who lied about his status and told me his single but I have found his real profile and he has a wife and kids.


    • pamela76
      pamela76 commented
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      How did you find his real profile? Did you stalk him so you can arrive with an answer about your date?

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    Been with a girl who told me his father is a cop so I won't think about bedding her lol. She admitted that it was a lie since she wants to be safe if she doesn't trust the guy.


    • Amethyst54
      Amethyst54 commented
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      Does it mean that she trusts you already since she admitted that she lied? I still hope you bed her lol.

    • Airglax
      Airglax commented
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      So what's the job of her dad? Were you able to find out what it is or you broke up with her because of it?

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    I had a friend who dated a guy who told her that his rich. Found out later that the place that he says that is owned by his parents is the house that he was house sitting for.


    • punkchick
      punkchick commented
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      If it's owned by his parents then it must also belong to him. What made her think that he is lying about being rich?

    • Teanett
      Teanett commented
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      How did you find out that he was only house sitting his so-called house?

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    I worked with a guy before who used a different name or an alias because he was a scam artist. He would ask different people to lend him money and after a month or two he would leave and move to another city and start all over.


    • InsightChic
      InsightChic commented
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      How did you find out that he was a scam artist? Was he arrested and have been in the news for it?

    • Tastype
      Tastype commented
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      InsightChic he might have ended up in the news that's why she found out that he was a scam artist.

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    I once had a roommate whose dad was a con man. According to her they once moved to three different states in a single year because of his "business".


    • Saltinte
      Saltinte commented
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      Was her dad still doing it when the two of you met or he was laying low already?

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    I have a friend way back in college she was transferee actually, and she kept flexing her photos that she traveled to the other countries and we found out that she is gold digger, she had a sugar daddy actually her old friends told us that. But we don’t care, it's her life btw.