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    Has any of you been with a person who was really sensitive or have you been told that you're too sensitive? Like they would cry or storm out of a room if you make fun of them.

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    Not a guy that I dated, but I have a coworker who would often end up in tears whenever she can't figure things out.


    • ruby78
      ruby78 commented
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      Has your coworker been always like this? I hope those ones are something work-related and not something else.

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    I've been called sensitive at times since I tend to over react when things don't go as I expected.


    • OreoEater789
      OreoEater789 commented
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      Who has told you that? Were they the guys that you've dated or your friends?

    • VaginalDestruction
      VaginalDestruction commented
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      Do you often curse up a storm when you overreact or just storm out of the room while tears are flowing down your face?

    • Clitcomander
      Clitcomander commented
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      OreoEater789 my friends and people I get to be with in a daily basis VaginalDestruction the first one but there are times where I would just cry and leave.

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    I got a friend who was so sensitive when drunk that's why 2 bottles are enough for her and I call it a day.


    • softheartedgirl
      softheartedgirl commented
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      Was it because of her past love life or family problems? Cos that's always the reason they cry.

    • LiquidAss
      LiquidAss commented
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      I hate those type of people since I'm a happy and crazy drunk and it ruins the mood for me.

    • MikeInShiningArmor
      MikeInShiningArmor commented
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      I had friends who are like that as well. They are huge mood killers for fun drunks like me and LiquidAss.

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    Yes, I've been with a guy who was a softy. He would often end up in tears if you make him watch a sad movie.


    • Freew0man82
      Freew0man82 commented
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      Did it bother you that he would often cry while watching those kind movies with him or you find it endearing?

    • RachelSiryn
      RachelSiryn commented
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      Honestly, I love softy guys so we can cry together while cuddling him.

    • DilDoDabbins
      DilDoDabbins commented
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      RachelSiryn so have you dated a guy who was a softy before?

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    A friend of mine tears up when she is left within the group or hasn't been invited to an event or outing. We don't actually like her attitude that's why she's been left sometimes.


    • Daisy54
      Daisy54 commented
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      I think you need to help your friend so she can minimize those bad attitudes and behavior.

    • FedoraTheExplora
      FedoraTheExplora commented
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      Was it a group agreement that she wouldn't be invited for that event or there's only a single person who wanted her out but everybody just said yes.

    • TickleMyTesla
      TickleMyTesla commented
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      Has somebody tried to talk to her about it? She might be thinking that you all ganged up on her that's why you didn't want to hangout with her.

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    I'm actually a bit of a softie. And mushy thing that I watch will immediately bring me to tears.


    • Softandwet
      Softandwet commented
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      So watching anything that the Hallmark channel shows would immediately bring you to tears?

    • stubbornass
      stubbornass commented
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      Softandwet I bet that there are reality shows out there that makes her cry as well besides to those Hallmark Channel movies.

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    I've been with a guy who is really sensitive and he often be in tears whenever the two of us were having an argument.


    • elatederic
      elatederic commented
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      What kind of fights do you usually have with that guy that he ends up in tears?

    • AliveAngels
      AliveAngels commented
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      This is odd since it's the ladies who are always sensitive and you rarely see guys who cries.

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    He told me I was sensitive whenever he sees me crying on one of the shows that are a tear-jerker. He calls me softy and a crybaby.


    • BunnyPeachShang
      BunnyPeachShang commented
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      Does he always tease you when you cry? Do you ignore him or hit him when he calls you like that?

    • MoiraClay
      MoiraClay commented
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      Have you tried to avoid watching those type of shows when you are with him?

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    My partner will just walk away but shows no sign of teary eyes. He hides and goes somewhere whenever he's jealous over something.


    • StoveLove
      StoveLove commented
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      I'm hoping he will not go to another girl's house lol. I think if he feels that way then you should give him time so he won't be jealous.

    • pamela76
      pamela76 commented
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      StoveLove That might be possible since he is jealous of something and that gives him a reason to go with his other girl if he happens to have one.

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    I remember my sister on this one when I tease him with his new boyfriend and she cries when we were a teenager and I always sing the k-i-s-s-i-n-g song.


    • Amethyst54
      Amethyst54 commented
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      That's funny and I think she will keep on remembering the song that made her cry during her teenage years.

    • Airglax
      Airglax commented
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      Were you singing that song while your parents were with you or just do it when it is only the two of you?

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    I've been with sensitive people who will walk away from us whenever she feels bullied. Me and my friends loves to joke around but sometimes the sensitives can't survive us.


    • Saltinte
      Saltinte commented
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      Were you a bully when you were growing up or you're still a bully by any chance?

    • Blockro
      Blockro commented
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      I think that the jokes that you and your friends do are mean spirited ones that's why they can't last long enough for you.

    • punkchick
      punkchick commented
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      Saltinte not a bully, but someone who like to jokes around with people who are quite close to me. Blockro I don't really know but I guess, they take the jokes the other way around.

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    I've never had experience with sensitive people, mostly because when I'm around with people I don't know, I watch closely in my words and action. I'm lucky too that my circle of friends is not sensitive, we do all types of jokes all the time.