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  • Prison Sentence

    Has any of you been in a relationship that felt like you're in prison or a prisoner?

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    Not really felt like a prisoner, but more like being under surveillance 24/7. There were some times that she would text me out of the blue checking up on me


    • shumwap
      shumwap commented
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      That must be a jealous type of a girlfriend. Well, some women are like. As if their boyfriend would be stolen by someone else. Duh, how I hate those kinds of girls.

    • DilDoDabbins
      DilDoDabbins commented
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      Had you ever lied when she checked on you? Most men that I know would have full of lies just not to get caught with their foolishness.

    • VaginalDestruction
      VaginalDestruction commented
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      Were there times that she would pop out all of a sudden and would make an excuse that she's around the neighborhood and decided to surprise you?

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    No. I am always free to do whatever I like. If they try to curtail what I want then they better be ready to be dumped off. I value my freedom so much that no one should meddle with it.


    • OreoEater789
      OreoEater789 commented
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      If that's the case, you're the one of the lucky ones who never been with someone who's too possessive

    • H3r3foryou
      H3r3foryou commented
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      I like women who are like you. We must have our own freedom to do whatever we want and not be minded by our boyfriends.

    • punkchick
      punkchick commented
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      Dumped off? Where? lol That part really made me read the comment twice.

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    There was this ex before who was so possessive. He did not want me to interact with other men. He got jealous most of the time. I felt like I was not free to roam around and be with other people. He said he was afraid that I might see someone better than he and I might leave him. In the end, I really left him.


    • rtekrt
      rtekrt commented
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      I see there was no trust in that relationship, thats the key for a successful relationship as i am told

    • QueefPat
      QueefPat commented
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      rtekrt Right. Trust is needed for a relationship to go on for a long time. When you do not trust your partner, you would be thinking of other things which might not be even true and that could destroy the relationship.

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    I had an ex in college who was like that. And since we're both taking the same course, he wanted for us to have the same classes


    • TickleMyTesla
      TickleMyTesla commented
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      Those are the clingy type of boyfriends. I know some when I was in school, too. Maybe, they just love their girls that they wanted to be with them almost all the time.

    • sexualdepth
      sexualdepth commented
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      He's keeping you in a short leash. College is like the wild jungle after all. Everybody got the hunger for sex.

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    The only time that I've been with someone who was that controlling is when I dated a guy who was cheated on his last relationship before we dated


    • Clitcomander
      Clitcomander commented
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      Did you have to tell him always where you were and who you're with every time that you're not together?

    • Snugglebear
      Snugglebear commented
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      I guess. He often ask so I have to answer. It feels normal at the time.

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    I think most of us had been in a relationship in which our partner was too possessive or been the possessive partner


    • LiquidAss
      LiquidAss commented
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      SupaPussy789 Would you dump a man who is full of insecurity?

    • sexsexgirlnowme
      sexsexgirlnowme commented
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      It's a pain in the ass, if you ask me. It's like handling a baby.

    • HearAlive
      HearAlive commented
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      SupaPussy789 insecurity is not the only reason why they end being the possessive type towards their partners

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    I had an ex before who felt like he's a prisoner while he was dating him. We're often together and if he's out with his friends I would often check on him or tell him to call me every couple of hours


    • Freew0man82
      Freew0man82 commented
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      I bet that his friends called him names because of you being too clingy on him

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    Are you asking the normal way or the kinky way? Got me really confused with some BDSM action.


    • MikeInShiningArmor
      MikeInShiningArmor commented
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      Sounds like you have dungeon or a bdsm playroom at your place. Since the first thing that popped in your head this is bdsm related

    • Saltinte
      Saltinte commented
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      Are you talking about getting fucked while you're trapped on a cage or something? meowmeowbark

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    Had a relationship like this once. It was a goddamn power struggle at the end.


    • elatederic
      elatederic commented
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      Was he like that from the start or it started like a normal one and he slowly turned into a possessive person

    • PieFun
      PieFun commented
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      I'm guessing that relationship didn't last for a year?