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The Love-Hate Relationship

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  • The Love-Hate Relationship

    They say that it is okay to hate some little things about your partner since he or she might have hated a few parts of you as well. But all in all, you two really do love each other and it is considered that not all the times you two would always agree on certain things. So, would you still choose to stay with your long-term partner even if you have a love-hate relationship towards him?

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    I do believe that a love-hate relationship is normal to anyone and not just with couples. Think about it, if you two would always agree on the same things then the relationship would be boring since there's not one thing that you two would disagree about.


    • RachelSiryn
      RachelSiryn commented
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      LiquidAss there are no perfect relationships so there wouldn't be a relationship where you two would disagree on some things. But as much as possible you two can avoid these disagreements or you two would at least be able to handle any misunderstandings.

    • demoomed
      demoomed commented
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      Sometimes, those little disagreements would escalate into bigger issues. And before you know it, the relationship is already on the brink of collapse. I had seen some couples who went into those stages of breakups.

    • smilebaby
      smilebaby commented
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      LiquidAss Yeah I agree with you. and if you two keep agreeing even if it's just a small thing that is not healthy relationship.

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    It is not healthy if you'd tolerate hate in love, right? It's not cute when you have a love-hate relationship with your man. Aren't you confused enough? It's like every day you would either choose to love this man or start a fight with him.


    • AglowReportsDari
      AglowReportsDari commented
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      jackass Exactly. You are right about that one. Love-hate relationships are considered toxic. Why is there a time that you would choose to make things complicated for him then later on you would choose to love him, that is not alright! Do not play or confuse his emotions and feelings.

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    If we're talking about fights and disagreements in a long-term relationship then it is normal to be considered but it should not be that often. Of course, no one likes it when you two would always fight and there's no love right after.


    • Freew0man82
      Freew0man82 commented
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      After every fight/s there should be compromising and I do believe that a love-hate relationship is actually a bad thing. Soon things could get worse and things would become too toxic to handle.

    • Hugurerbe
      Hugurerbe commented
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      I think when people usually say that they have a love-hate relationship towards the person they love, sometimes it is not much of a serious thing. It has been their expression that what they have towards them is a normal type of relationship. They argue, they stick together, and everything that goes on to being in a relationship.

    • TastyLove
      TastyLove commented
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      It's pretty normal for the couple to have some love and hate that ends fights but I’m sure they will understand each other after compromising.

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    What could possibly the reason why or how did this love-hate relationship even started? There shouldn't be HATE when there's love in a relationship because then again, what's the whole point of a relationship when there's hate? We all know that the opposite of LOVE is HATE right? So, it is contradicting already.


    • Snugglebear
      Snugglebear commented
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      I feel that she's just talking about minor arguments every now and then and they don't consider it as a major problem

    • OreoEater789
      OreoEater789 commented
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      Snugglebear I think you're right about that minor argument thing. Because if it is a full blown fight, then she's in a really toxic relationship

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    Love-hate relationship? Is this applicable for a person that has a split personality? It's either he or she will love you then hate you, will hug you then hurt you, means to say that his or her mood is truly unpredictable. Isn't that a bit alarming? Would you want to have this kind of relationship?


    • surfsup
      surfsup commented
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      I thought of this the same and could it be that this person might be struggling with their mental state. You should get your partner checked if she or he has been experiencing rapid mood swings that could possibly be the sign of having this so-called love-hate in their relationship.

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    How often do guys fight or argue? Because if you fight really often, might as well end the relationship rather let the cycle continue


    • fallinlove
      fallinlove commented
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      dagift2womens Just think you can never find a lover like him or her that will surely understand a part of you that is hard to understand but still chooses to stick around with you.

    • JoeyBaby
      JoeyBaby commented
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      Do you feel that she's in a toxic relationship if they argue on almost a daily basis?

    • carzin89
      carzin89 commented
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      Yeah it will be a cycle. But It's okay if it's minor arguments But, if it's not I rather to be single again.

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    Not sure your relationship will not work if the two of you are not able to outgrow the hate the that you have for each others quirks or something


    • W3tThet1p
      W3tThet1p commented
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      You're right about that one. They should've worked those things out if they've been together for more than three years

    • Katherina001
      Katherina001 commented
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      As time goes by, things will change for both of you and it is about accepting each other's flaws and changes more and more each day. That is the challenge here for every relationship that you have with anyone, it is normal to have this love-hate kind of relationship. If you think that it is still okay to hang on it, then continue with it, if you cannot grow from it then better to just disclose relationships with them already.

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    I think it is very normal in a sense because there is no perfect relationship where you like everything about your partner but if it comes to a point where you hate everything he/she does I think its time to think of talking to your partner about separation because if your relationship is not healthy anymore and just hurts you both I think it's time to let go


    • Airglax
      Airglax commented
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      You're right but for this love-hate relationship. It is about dealing with both at once like loving your partner when you just hate him or her at times or sometimes oftentimes. Some days are just plain so there's time that either of you would start fights or just wanted sex which is quite confusing, right?

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    As long as those fights are only petty ones and not full blown altercations. Because it would be a really toxic relationship if they're the latter


    • VaginalDestruction
      VaginalDestruction commented
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      I think that they're just small fights because I don't think that she would talk about it in that manner if they're full blown fights

    • DilDoDabbins
      DilDoDabbins commented
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      How can we even hate those love-hate relationships when they're the factors which make relationships last longer? I think it is kind of an exercise to be considered if you would give some time to still hold on to a relationship when it gets rough because soon after things will go back to the way were and will run smoothly.

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    I would stay if the love part is way far greater than the hate part. If the love part is 95%, then surely, I would stay with him. Otherwise, I would quit the relationship as it would not be good for the two of us anymore.


    • rumdrum
      rumdrum commented
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      I agree. A little fight is also good in a relationship as long as you will solve it at the end of the day. A perfect relationship is actually boring!

    • kittycat123
      kittycat123 commented
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      Totally boring and you're right about solving the problem at the end of the day.

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    I do not want to have a love-hate relationship. I just want to have a love-love relationship. Why would I stress myself on things like that kind of relationship? Later on, that love-hate relationship would turn into hate-hate relationship, then it would be the cause to nail the relationship as over.


    • XYZKate
      XYZKate commented
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      I think if it reaches into a hate-hate thing, it is a given that they would breakup rather than stay in the relationship

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    I guess that this love-hate relationship are for the young adults only. The teenagers are too sweet that they are on the love-love relationship. Same goes for older people who already settled in married lives.


    • kissmeback
      kissmeback commented
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      Right, mature individuals are more considerate with each others differences and do adjustments to it.

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    Originally posted by lovestudder View Post
    The teenagers are too sweet that they are on the love-love relationship.
    I think they're at the stage where they think that doing that sort of thing is just normal in any relationship


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      I will stay of course, love-hate relationship is a normal thing in the relationship.