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Easy as one, two, THREE!

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  • Easy as one, two, THREE!

    Did it come to a point wherein you have three people that you can easily have sex with? Like one is your FWB, the other has a car so he can easily get to you, and the other lives in the same hometown as you (just in case you ever got back in town).

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    Don't you think three is too much or is still not enough for you? I'm kidding but you should be careful because those guys could be having sex with different people and not only with you. It is best if you should stick to just one guy to have frequent sex with.


    • melaniamania
      melaniamania commented
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      Right, you are there, mate! I mean, how can you bee so sure that one of them is having sex with another person? You can't be too carefree when it comes to sex. I know it is fun and all that but think about your safety too.

    • AglowReportsDari
      AglowReportsDari commented
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      THREE? Am I reading that one right? I could barely even find at least just one guy to hook up with, LMAO! Oh well, some people can have it that easy.

    • scrumptious1
      scrumptious1 commented
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      Right. Stick with just one partner. And that partner should also stick with you. Of course, there would be no assurance that he would really stick with you alone. Anyway, be careful, the world is such a harmful place.

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    What I do remember is that I once hooked up with two guys in just one day. Yeah, the first guy that I'm with, we had sex during lunchtime then in the evening I had a couple of drinks with this other guy and yeah, we ended up having sex. I had two dicks in one day, I was sooooo spent! But all in all, it was totally worth it.


    • kizliak
      kizliak commented
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      Shit, sorry but that one kinda turns me on. I bet that you're a really sexy woman SpoiledTeaTasty. You sure are lucky to have two guys in one day. Sometimes I just think that I somehow struggle to find just one hookup, but how can women like you find it easy to have two guys in one day?

    • Freew0man82
      Freew0man82 commented
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      SpoiledTeaTasty wow, you're so lucky to have caught two guys in a day. Can you please share with us your secret? Kidding, but anyway, did you use protection during those hookups?

    • demoomed
      demoomed commented
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      Just two? Nah. One of my friends had three. One in the morning. One in the afternoon. One in the evening. She was so wasted that her holes, yes, holes got sore. Well, it was her insatiable want for dicks. It is her life, after all.

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    I thought that this was something about a threesome, lol! The thing is, if you're a woman and you have other guys on the side, people will think that you're a slut. But if you're a man and has three other women on the side, then you're a stud, you're cool. Fuck that shit about double-standards, right? Have fun and be safe with having three sex partners.


    • jackass
      jackass commented
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      This is not good, I mean having three sex partners in a cycle? Why is there a need to have three when you can only have ONE? Greedy much? Or could be that you're a sex addict already?

    • Marie25
      Marie25 commented
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      hameroon27 I don't like slut-shaming as well, why is it when a girl does what she wants, she gets judged by society and when a guy does whatever he wants, they will just say that boys will be boys. Uhm, okay?

    • Snugglebear
      Snugglebear commented
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      The only people who would think that she's a slut are the ones who are envious of her

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    So, this could mean that you have so many hookups and you're having a hard time choosing just ONE. Ooh, you're so sexy to be considered! Maybe it's about time that you should choose just one? But if you can't help having just one, then you can have two or five if you can. Lol!


    • PennyTration
      PennyTration commented
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      Nah, it should be just ONE to avoid further conflicts and it would be much safe, don't you think? I'll stick to the FWB guy since he is my only fuckbuddy then it must b that way, and he must do the same too. He should only stick with me.

    • RachelSiryn
      RachelSiryn commented
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      You're right PennyTration to avoid anything that is needed to be avoided then one must hookup to just ONE person. Do not be a selfish person and just tell him that you two should stay exclusive so he won't have other hookups beside you.

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    It's what they call rotation. There would be a schedule where you're going to hook up with girl #1, then there's girl #2 who lives nearby, oh and there's #7 that is super hot and is always down for everything. Can anyone else relate to this?


    • Clitcomander
      Clitcomander commented
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      Have you actually tried that arrangement or it's something that you have no plans of trying?

    • BlackmanAndRobbin
      BlackmanAndRobbin commented
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      Looks like you've been doing this sort of thing for a long time already. Considering that you even reached the number seven as a partner number lol

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    Is this specifically about having three hookups in a day? Or just having three hookups all in all, as a cycle? Well, if it is a hookup cycle then it is okay because not all times that one hookup would be available for you. Only that would be the time that you would ask the other hookup if he is available then if so, you would continue to hook up with him.


    • surfsup
      surfsup commented
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      Is there such thing as a hookup cycle? Or maybe a hookup rotation? It means that in a hookup rotation you have three men on reserves and if you feel like hooking up to each of those men, you have to choose one. Yes, these men are reserved only for you.

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    Are you talking about an open relationship here or just full time fuck buddies? For me, I would prefer that they would be regular fuck buddies so that feelings won't be involved in it


    • QueefPat
      QueefPat commented
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      Does it mean that you would automatically dump one of them if one of you ends up developing some feelings for the other person?

    • Katherina001
      Katherina001 commented
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      You can have full-time fuckbuddies without actually developing any feelings towards them. It is easy, especially if you're that apathetic type of person and you're focus focused on your main goal which is to just have sex with them and nothing more.

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    If you end up needing another one, feel free to send me a message and we can try and figure how to work it out


    • Airglax
      Airglax commented
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      Oh wow, dagift2womens you're all set to be someone's easy hookup, huh? Well, it would be nice if both of you are single and not just going to settle to be someone's side-action.

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    You better make sure that you and your partners get tested often since you're not sure if you're the only woman that they're hooking up with as well


    • fallinlove
      fallinlove commented
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      Yes. This pro-tips goes out to all of you horny people out there like me, lol! I make sure that I'm safe before anything else and I hope people would think of this too that they should be safe before hitting on anyone else too.

    • GraceJEAN
      GraceJEAN commented
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      It's better to think early than regret what you did if you never tried being tested or if you do not want to be tested, try using protection.

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    Are you planning to all of them that your'e having sex with three guys at the moment or not?


    • DilDoDabbins
      DilDoDabbins commented
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      It sounds like it but if I can have each of them in one day then just maybe I can and I would be surprised to know that. Then again, it gives me an idea of threesome or foursome with these lovely gentlemen to do me really good.

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    I ain't lying but surprisingly I do have guys like that one who is just down the block, one who is really sweet and rich
    and the last one is really chiselled and bulky I'm not really looking for a serious relationship so I think it's okay to have
    three men at my feet because they want sex and I want sex and I'm not cheating on them since its a platonic realtionship


    • SandyDempsey
      SandyDempsey commented
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      Are you not afraid that they might end up leaving you because they found out about the other guys that you've been sleeping with?

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    No. Even if given a chance to have those three men, I would not do it. Having more than three men is a form of greediness. Are you not just satisfied to have just one man as FWB?


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      But three is not enough. Well, at least for someone I know. She was a classmate way back in high school. Yes, in high school. Could you imagine that she had six men? One man for each day. Sunday was the only day that she had no man. She told us that it was her rest day. Well, go and figure out.


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        I think that all three of them are considered as fwb and not only the first one