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    You could have match experts. What that means is a number of dating experts that help members find the right matches. It would cost a monthly premium for this service and members who wanted to use it would do so. Not everyone has time to search and some people are not good at searching for matches. And so an expert would find out the member's personality, likes and dislikes and find a few possible matches to go on dates with.

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    This is a great way for the site to make extra money I think. I see it doing good things for people looking for dates and don't know how or can't find one. Good idea! 😜


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      I never would think about that, but now that you say it, brilliant idea. So many members complain about they can't find dates. This would be the perfect way to get them to even go on dates that the experts choose for them.


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        That means the dates would be well interviewed, which is good because then members wouldn't have to try to figure out if a date is good or bad. The experts would do the questions and answers and tell members what they figured out. Lots of work for the expert, but not for the members, which is really cool. 🤘


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          As long as it's a paid for service, then members can choose whether they want to do this or not. So I say go for it. It won't hurt to have it as an option for members. Some people are also busy and don't have the time to do their own searches. I think it should be done for those members.


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            This is great idea actually, I wonder if they will apply it.