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  • Unsexy Moments

    A lot of us already experienced awkward and embarrassing things that happen during sex. What are the unsexy moments that you find funny and embarrassing? Mine is when I accidentally kick my partner in the head while doing a 69 position.

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    One time I was doing a doggy and I farted loud. It took out my momentum because me and my partner had to laugh and I can't concentrate.


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      I once opened a bottle of lube and I dispense too much having it all over my hands and it was so sticky.


      • goodlove
        goodlove commented
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        What's the lube for? Were the two of you going to do anal that's why you needed some lube?

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      I hope that you didn't make his nosebleed or knocked him out when you kicked his head.


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        The guy finger banged me and i queefed when he was about to start and eat my pussy.


        • XYZKate
          XYZKate commented
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          Did he ask whether if that was an actual fart or a queef? And what was his reaction when you he heard it?

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        It was when I stayed with the family of my boyfriend during the holidays. I was at our room and texted my boyfriend to come to our room for a quickie. So I tried to pose really sexy on the bed while waiting for him. And when the door opened it was his dad who entered the room and not my boyfriend. Ended up covering myself with the comforter and rolling out of the bed because of it.


        • sexsexgirlnowme
          sexsexgirlnowme commented
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          What was the reaction of his dad? Maybe it's his dad that received the message and not your boyfriend lol.

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        When we were trying a difficult sex position and can't even do it and tried numerous attempts but it doesn't work lol. It's my fault since I am not flexible enough.


        • stubbornass
          stubbornass commented
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          What kind of sex position are you trying? Does it involve you to both your legs behind your back?

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        I was trying to be sexy and tried that kicking off the shoe trick. But what happened was I hit the face of the guy with my shoe.


        • 1nytstand
          1nytstand commented
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          Did the shoe hit only his face or it also knocked down other things inside your room?

        • priority23
          priority23 commented
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          Was the guy mad at you or he just laughed that it ruined the moment?

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        It was during in my freshman year in college. Was making out with the guy and he was trying to remove my bra and had problems removing it. I ended up being the one who has to remove my own freaking bra.


        • JenniferFray
          JenniferFray commented
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          I bet that him trying to remove your bra was a bit of a mood killer for your part.

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        When one of you suddenly becomes desperate for a pee in the middle of a session because you held it in earlier so as not to ruin the mood while making out.


        • Infomarry
          Infomarry commented
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          Did you hold it on for a long duration/time and just peed after you were done?

        • DanniMoon
          DanniMoon commented
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          How many times has that happened to you or your partner?

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        I slip on the floor and end up having a small wound on my leg when we were at the shower together. I was really soapy and I end up slipping on the floor.


        • JennyREnz
          JennyREnz commented
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          Well, like what they say slippery when wet. Did he ever help you out and treats that leg wound of yours?

        • AnniePath
          AnniePath commented
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          You were lucky that all you got was a wound. It could be worse, like bumping your head and having a concussion.

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        It would be sharting (fart with a bit of shit lol) when you bend over before doing the doggy with your man.


        • smilebaby
          smilebaby commented
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          What was the reaction of your boyfriend when that happened? Just hope that his dick wasn't near your ass when you sharted.

        • SandyDempsey
          SandyDempsey commented
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          smilebaby the dick thing was the first thing that popped in my head when she mentioned sharting.

        • independentG
          independentG commented
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          Are you ladies thinking that his dick might have ended up being covered in shit because of it? smilebaby SandyDempsey

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        I can't unhook my bra and I was like "No I can do this don't help me" I ended up having trouble removing it as he waited for over a minute.


        • Aloha91
          Aloha91 commented
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          Was it a new bra that's why you are having a trouble unhooking it?

        • NinaMcAdams
          NinaMcAdams commented
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          Can't believe that you're the one who had problems removing your bra and not the guy lol.

        • shumwap
          shumwap commented
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          Aloha91 it's a month old bra. I didn't really now why I was having trouble unhooking it back then. NinaMcAdams I know its ridiculous. lol

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        There have been times that my nose bled in the middle of sex which totally ruined the mood.