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  • It Works Both Ways

    What's a sentence that you can say in a job interview and during sex? This one is for the ones who have big tits. I can be a huge asset for you (company). Better grab it already before someone else does lol

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    I'm a hard worker and I know that I can easily fit in


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      I may lack when it comes to oral skills, but when it comes to hands-on training I'm a fast learner


      • cutestman
        cutestman commented
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        You are hired, lol

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      I always makes sure that I get the job done as fast as I can


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        I've had a lot of experience in similar positions.


        • Movievestre
          Movievestre commented
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          What are those positions that you've experienced?

        • antitrump
          antitrump commented
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          I also want to know what are those

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        I'll try to be quick, I know there's three other guys waiting for us to get done.


        • ChristineOh
          ChristineOh commented
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          Not sure being quick when it comes to sex is a good thing

        • sexsexgirlnowme
          sexsexgirlnowme commented
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          For me, three guys are too much in sex. lol

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        I am flexible and I have many experiences working in different positions.


        • fallinlove
          fallinlove commented
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          How flexible are you exactly?

        • PennyTration
          PennyTration commented
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          fallinlove More than you can imagine. lol

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        I can work day or night, time will never be a problem for me.


        • HearAlive
          HearAlive commented
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          Well, I hope that you can stand up to that.

        • Tastype
          Tastype commented
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          Well, you need a lot of stamina for that.

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        I'm willing to try any position that you would offer to me


        • veronIZA
          veronIZA commented
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          So what position do you want for us to try?

        • independentG
          independentG commented
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          veronIZA are you really going to let him fill that vacant position?

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        I always do my best when working to ensure my boss satisfaction.


        • stubbornass
          stubbornass commented
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          Were you able to satisfy all your previous bosses?

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        I am a hard worker, I never stop until I am assured of your satisfaction.