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    Has any of you been with someone who's a bit calculated when it comes to sex? Like the person keeps on doing the same things during foreplay and sex? How can you tell that person to try new things with you?

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    I had my fair share of men who were like that. If I notice that my man is starting to do the same things, I would often take charge of the situation and tell him what he has to do to me


    • sexualdepth
      sexualdepth commented
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      The best comment I've read today! I also happen to take charge for him and that's the best way to deal with the situation.

    • H3r3foryou
      H3r3foryou commented
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      Those men were so boring that they only did same things over and over again. They must learn new things! Let me teach them, then. lol.

    • softheartedgirl
      softheartedgirl commented
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      And what would you do if the man could not perform the things that you want him to do with you?

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    I don't mind being with someone who's doing the same things during sex since that's better than being with someone who's stiff as a board during sex


    • daddyslittleG1rl
      daddyslittleG1rl commented
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      That "stiff as a board", made me laugh. It's the same as being with someone who's like a starfish in bed.

    • XYZKate
      XYZKate commented
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      Stiff as a board? A starfish in bed? What kind of sexual partners do you guys have? Lol! I'm lucky to have met the crazy girls who even show me how it's done.

    • Daisy54
      Daisy54 commented
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      LOL. Stiff as a board? Are there really women who would just lie down there and do nothing? You should try me, then.

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    Some people do not want to come out of their comfort zones no matter how we try to convince them to perform some new positions. We could not do anything with it. We could not force them.


    • jackass
      jackass commented
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      It's not forcing them to try things new. You have to be patient enough to tell them the things you want to be done. It will not be simple but it takes patience and more practice, lol!

    • priority23
      priority23 commented
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      The places outside of our comfort zone is a scary place but they say that it is the place where we can actually grow.

    • fallinlove
      fallinlove commented
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      MikeInShiningArmor So you saying that ive been with lame and boring guys? I just let them be but if they're not afraid to step up then they better prove it

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    You should watch a porn movie together. Then while watching the movie, you could suggest to perform the actions that they are doing.


    • Fransha33
      Fransha33 commented
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      But what if they suddenly did some acrobatic moves, would you be able to keep up with that? Lol, I don't want to end up injuring myself just trying to impress someone with some new and bizarre sex moves. I'd just stick to the basics with him and see how we can somehow jazz up our daily routine.

    • dagift2womens
      dagift2womens commented
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      hanesy Yes, that's a great idea. It would help you both discover some new moves that you can try.

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    No, I never encountered those kinds of men. All those men who had me were all aggressive and they were so good at bed. Those men knew what they were doing.


    • SoftBaby
      SoftBaby commented
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      Oh, I thought I was the only one here too! We're both lucky to have never encountered someone who does the same shit over and over.
      I wonder how it goes to their other sexual partners if they do all the same moves?

    • carzin89
      carzin89 commented
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      GraceJEAN I'm glad that I'm one of those guys who are great in bed. I've never heard of any complaints from my partners, in fact they still wanted to see me from time to time.

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    I had. He was very careful. I mean he checked his condom well and from time to time. He was afraid that it may rip or something. I think that he was a bit paranoid.


    • cutestman
      cutestman commented
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      Is he really that paranoid? Or was he not comfortable with using rubbers?

    • iwantsexnowplease
      iwantsexnowplease commented
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      I've never read something like this in my whole life. Like, does he really need to pull out his dick and checks it every time? That's funny!

    • Amethyst54
      Amethyst54 commented
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      one way to avoid pregnancy of course but if you wanna stop him from that then he better practice withdrawal but it would be a tough one

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    If my partner does the same thing over and over then it's time for me to look for a new partner who has a lot of moves.


    • Jansa90
      Jansa90 commented
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      Amethyst54 why don't you just tell him how to maximize his moves? Or be patient with him in teaching some of the moves you wanted him to try. That way, you won't get bored with him and his redundant moves.

    • hulagirlsexsexyum
      hulagirlsexsexyum commented
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      Amethyst54 Well, at least he tried his best, but not at his best at all lol!

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    I don't mind if my partner does the same move, I would be glad to take charge of her. Sex is a give and take, and we just have to be fair.


    • crystalinejoy
      crystalinejoy commented
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      Yes it's true, it's about teamwork too lol. Why'd you left your partner hanging when you can help him or her out?

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    I'm quite worried if I ever do the same moves to my partner and do not even tell me about it. I would appreciate the help if he advises or teaches me some of the moves that can make both of us feel more satisfied.


    • Katherina001
      Katherina001 commented
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      We are ladies so it is fine for us to know little of the positions and all as it is the men who should know lots of things as they are the ones who would execute those, right?

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    Actually, I am the one who is calculated. I do not really show that I am already an expert when it comes to those fucking sessions. I stay a bit demure. lol.


    • crzyyouandme
      crzyyouandme commented
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      you should avoid being shy and give him something new that would surprise him

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    Show her something tempting to do like watch porn together and make her do what you are watching


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      Yes, I've been with some who were like that. But if his calculated moves can always make me have an orgasm, then I would be fine with it.