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How Do I Talk To My Boyfriend About Pregnancy?

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  • How Do I Talk To My Boyfriend About Pregnancy?

    My boyfriend always wants to talk about babies. He always wants and plans on having a baby with me but I don't want to get pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I want to have a baby someday but not right now. I still have a goal in life. Can you guys tell me how to talk to my boyfriend about pregnancy, in a way that I won't offend him?

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    Honesty is the best policy. You have goals and so does he tell him about yours. To have a good relationship you should respect each others goals and working out the priorities is a must.


    • kittycat123
      kittycat123 commented
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      I think this is the best solution to this problem.

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    Explain to him that it's still too early for you to get pregnant, tell him that there are things that you want to achieve before having a baby.


    • daddyslittleG1rl
      daddyslittleG1rl commented
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      But do you think he will understand her if she told him this?

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    Don't be afraid of voicing out your opinions, I bet that he will understand if you choose to disagree with him.


    • LiquidAss
      LiquidAss commented
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      I agree, but that also depends on how she says it.

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    Try to go to a nursery with him and ask him if he really wants to be a father early.


    • W3tThet1p
      W3tThet1p commented
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      I think it would be easier if the two of you just went to the local playground. The nurses at the hospital might have the two of you a bit sketchy if you're seen looking at babies

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    Try to say that triplets run in your family. lol


    • surfsup
      surfsup commented
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      This is funny, but do you think this will be the best option so that he will not be interested in having a baby?

    • MikeInShiningArmor
      MikeInShiningArmor commented
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      shumwap but have you met a relative who's a triplet?

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    Make him watch a documentary or movies about pregnancy.


    • Airglax
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      You know that by suggesting that, there is a chance in which he would be more interested in having a baby with him

    • kizliak
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      Really? When I watched a documentary about pregnancy I remember saying, nope not going to have one.

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    Maybe the next time that the two of you talked about having kids, that might be the right time to tell him that you're not ready for it yet and he has to wait for you to be ready for it


    • antitrump
      antitrump commented
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      What if that causes them to separate?

    • veronIZA
      veronIZA commented
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      antitrump If ever that happens then that only means that the man is not serious on her.

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    I think that the title was a bit misleading. Maybe something like how to tell my boyfriend that I'm not ready to get pregnant or something


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      Do you really think that you would be ready to be pregnant in the near future?


      • scrumptious1
        scrumptious1 commented
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        I think all women want to have a child on their own the only problem is when.

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      Maybe you try and pretend that you're a few weeks delayed and tell him that if you're really pregnant you are planning to terminate the pregnancy. If he asks you why, that is the time you tell him what you truly feel about having children at the moment


      • cutestman
        cutestman commented
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        That's the cruelest thing that you can do just to prove a point

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      Tell him this "Do you still want to fuck me even if I have a loose pussy" I promise you he will think a million times before suggesting that again lol


      • Blockro
        Blockro commented
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        I think this will not change his mind if he really wanted a baby.

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      You can be honest to him and tell him that you don't want a baby, not yet.


      • ChristineOh
        ChristineOh commented
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        I think that she's hesitant on how to tell his boyfriend in a way he will understand.