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  • Hiding a secret?

    You have come to know this new person. He is nice and you seem to like him. Yeah, he is handsome, no questions about that. He looks so manly, but there is a rumor that he is a closeted gay. What would you do if you like someone but it seems like he is hiding something?

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    The only way to know the truth is to uncover it. How? Well, you could date him. By dating him, you would get to know more about him. The information that you seek to know would be revealed to you firsthand.


    • hameroon27
      hameroon27 commented
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      Yes, have those dates with him and get to know him better. I think he won't lie to you about his true identity, but don't get too shocked just by knowing it.

    • KenjiNephew
      KenjiNephew commented
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      Jasssa87 If he does not like you, then the plan would surely fail on the start. Hmmm, the rumor could be true after all.

    • Infomarry
      Infomarry commented
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      Date him? As easily as that one? I do not think that it would be as easy as you think it would be. What if he refused simply because you are not his type?

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    I should hold my feelings back becuase it is clear that I am not the one for him. I guess that he likes other people and will surely never like me back. Even if a rumor is just a hearsay, well, it is better to be dsafe than sorry, I must avoid him now.


    • AliveAngels
      AliveAngels commented
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      Good, avoid him so you won't have to expect that much from him but anyway, he likes men, and you're a woman he will never like you so why bother?

    • goodlove
      goodlove commented
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      Oh no, why do you feel so defeated already? You haven't tried asking him if it's true that he really is, you know hiding his true gender identity.

    • SpoiledTeaTasty
      SpoiledTeaTasty commented
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      You would avoid him just like that? Would you not like to know the truth first before avoiding him?

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    I should relax, it is only just a rumor, I'd still continue to like him no matter what hearsays I've been hearing about him. I want him to notice me someday and we can finally get to know each other better and see how things would go.


    • surfsup
      surfsup commented
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      That's good, don't believe in those people who are just secretly insecure about him. It would be better if you're the one who's able to understand him completely.

    • crystalinejoy
      crystalinejoy commented
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      Then you shouldn't be bothered by those people trying to bash him, what's so good about things anyway? If you think that he's different then stick to that idea and get to know him better, that is the only way.

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    Oh, please. People who have been telling that a man is gay probably is insecure. I've been called gay and been rumored to be gay when I'm not, it's just those people who seem to make a big deal out of almost everything.


    • Katherina001
      Katherina001 commented
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      So on point carzin89 and I think that those people are what you say, making a big deal out of almost everything. I pity them, their lives must be pretty boring and they seem to make other people's lives seem more interesting.

    • GoobleHipur
      GoobleHipur commented
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      How can a man be gay just because he does not look manly enough? Or what if he turns out gay? People are still free to like him even if he's gay, what's with all the judgment and hating on gays?

    • JoeyBaby
      JoeyBaby commented
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      Yep. That could be one of the reasons why they spread a rumor that someone was gay. Insecurity could lead us to some issues which had no basis at all.

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    How can he be hiding something if it is obvious that he is gay? Or let's put it this way, how can people assume that he is closeted gay? You know how people trust rumors these days, so better ask people if they are so sure about their claims. Better yet, I must ask him directly because I can't seem to get enough just thinking about it.


    • PieFun
      PieFun commented
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      I agree that people would most likely believe in rumors these days, so let them believe in those rumors. I think that you won't believe it unless he told you so, right W3tThet1p?

    • Snugglebear
      Snugglebear commented
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      He might be bisexual, I think? But who cares? It should not be their business already if they think that they still don't know him that much.

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    See, he's just being nice to you and you'd believe that he's gay because of some rumor? That's not fair, well, if he seems to know you already, why don't you just talk to him and ask about his gender identity so you'll get the answer that you've been looking for.


    • Clitcomander
      Clitcomander commented
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      I agree. Rumors and hearsays are ridiculous, why not just ask the person to find out what it is that you wanted to know. I think it's not an offensive thing to ask these days, he'd be happy to be your friend if you get to know him better.

    • Teanett
      Teanett commented
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      Awww I don't think that he's gay, why do people assume that he is? I think they're just insecure because they can never be attractive as him.

    • StoveLove
      StoveLove commented
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      It would be awkward when you directly ask him of his gender. I think that we should not even ask it at all.

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    He just seems to be hiding something but who I am to him? I'm just a stranger to him, so I shouldn't be judging him if he is closeted gay but I do admire that he's charming to be that gay, but anyway, it is normal that gay people are good looking than those other straight men, no offense!


    • kizliak
      kizliak commented
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      He's not yet out but people know what is up with him already. If you admire him then it's okay, admire a gay man but do not expect for a gay man to like you because they like men and not ladies.

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    It is no longer a secret since every one of us here knows that he is actually gay. But anyway, would there be a possibility that a woman might change him into bisexual?


    • Jansa90
      Jansa90 commented
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      Nope. No chance at all. Sexuality could not be changed as it like embedded on our genes.

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    I shouldn't be liking him already if I've learned that he is gay because of course I would not like to date a gay man and of course, he will not like me because he likes men too, like me!


    • FedoraTheExplora
      FedoraTheExplora commented
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      The fact that he dated you, that is already a sign that he is not gay at all. Look, he would not waste his time dating a woman when what he really wanted was a man.

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    Sometimes, we have some perceptions which are not substantiated. We think of something as real even though those were not real at all. Anyway, we always need to confirm the veracity of something before we believe it.


    • LiquidAss
      LiquidAss commented
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      We should not believe rumors. Rumors are there to divert our attentions from the real score. And yes, we need to confirm a thing before believing it.

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    Handsome and manly. That seems to be a jackpot to me. Would I believe that he is gay? Of course not. How did I know? He won't date me if he was gay. As simple as that.


    • priority23
      priority23 commented
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      But what if he's actually bisexual then? Would you still want to date him? Of course, you still would, since you two are already dating but that isn't much of a big deal, right?

    • H3r3foryou
      H3r3foryou commented
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      priority23 I think that bisexuals are also gays, so I would have to stop. I need real straight men, and not those half men only.

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    We could be friends first. I think that by being friends, you would have some information from him. In that way, you would be able to determine if he is gay or not.


    • lovestudder
      lovestudder commented
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      I agree that being friends with him will help you get to know him more and you will find out if he's actually gay or not. But what if he is? Are you still going to continue the friendship that you've started with him? Please do, it would be nice to be friends with someone like him.

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    well in my opinion just tell it to him straight that you like him and ask if he likes you
    and go on a date if he declines then it does not matter if he is gay or not, no matter
    what happens he does not like you don't get me wrong but gay or not there no chance
    if he says no


    • MikeInShiningArmor
      MikeInShiningArmor commented
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      that's easy to say and harder to do It is not easy confessing to someone
      especially when you can't take rejection really well and it might even leave
      very dramatic impact on you

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    just confess and wish for the best if he accepts then congratulations if not
    then cry it out for a day and find a new man, new love and a new haircut
    there is nothing wrong in being brave