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  • No offense but...

    I'm sorry if I wanted to ask this but how can you tell your hookup or date that you're really turned off by them without actually offending them?
    Say that you've seen something in them that immediately turns you off, or like something about their odor too, but yes, you do not want to offend them since they're good-looking and really nice to you.
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    Lol, they're adults already and I hope they do get offended by my words because I can be straightforward if I wanted to. If he has a bad odor, I'd joke around him asking if he takes a shower because he should consider doing that every day, like that. Or if he has bad breath, I'd tell him to chew gum or he shouldn't bother talking to me again.


    • crystalinejoy
      crystalinejoy commented
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      I think he would be embarrassed to be with you and you are low-key insulting him already. He will surely remember the things you've said and he will turn it into motivation for him to change his ways.

    • jackass
      jackass commented
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      surfsup Would you like to try one on your next possible date? Let us see if you would get slapped. Lol.

    • Infomarry
      Infomarry commented
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      Then, since you delivered it via jokes, then it was not a straightforward way of telling things.

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    I'd just shut up and don't say a word at all, I'm scared that I might hurt her feelings I'd speak out the truth, maybe this would be an acceptable reason for me to ghost her after the date or hookup.


    • PieFun
      PieFun commented
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      Wow, I think you would most likely hurt her feelings if you chose to ghost her. Just tell her what she needs to know and she will improve that and will show you that she's doing fine because she listened to your advice.

    • GoobleHipur
      GoobleHipur commented
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      It is better to act dumb instead of getting yourself into trouble there, huh, dagift2womens? It would be best if you just text her about it so it wouldn't be too harsh if it is said in person.

    • JoeyBaby
      JoeyBaby commented
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      Well, yeah, you could ghost him if that is what you like. But for me, I would still date him for at least three times just to make sure that he did not succumb to an unintended failure on the first date.

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    I'd ask him if something smells odd if he says no I would insist that there is. If he still says no, then I might as well tell him that he should go home and take a long shower before we can go out on another date. But if he does not want to see me again, then good riddance! That would be better, lol.


    • hameroon27
      hameroon27 commented
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      Lol, you sound so mean Katherina001 but then again I do not want to date a man that has poor hygiene, not even sorry lol!

    • kizliak
      kizliak commented
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      LOL, that will surely make him feel ashamed of himself. He should be aware that girls do not like smelly guys. What makes a guy automatically attractive is their scent, if they smell nice, they look nice too!

    • SpoiledTeaTasty
      SpoiledTeaTasty commented
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      Would you go out on a date smelling bad? I do not think so unless you were in a hurry to get to your date that you either forgot to take a shower or had no extra time to have a shower anymore.

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    How can we not sound rude but we needed to inform them that there is something off about them? I'm bad at this lol, I can just tell him what kind of deodorant he's using, I might even suggest him some of the good stuff or maybe just ask him if he usually showers every day. Lol. See, I told you guys I'm bad at this!


    • Alivens
      Alivens commented
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      Exactly, I think it is better to tell them the truth instead of sugar-coating it. People should be honest if they think that there is something wrong with someone they have the right to know anyway.

    • StoveLove
      StoveLove commented
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      There could be men who do not use deodorants. As long as they take a bath daily, then that should take care of it.

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    If it's between you two, better tell them but if there are other people around, please do not humiliate them for that. Nobody's perfect, let them heed your advice and they will improve those things about themselves that is need to be fixed.


    • independentG
      independentG commented
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      It is better to instruct them, not insult or make fun of them. It is not their fault that they might have flaws such as those things. Well, they should also be made aware of their personal hygiene since it is for their own good.

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    I can tell them what I DO NOT like, not what "turns me off", that's too much. Instead, why not tell them our likes and dislikes? That way you two could discuss things orderly without actually offending anyone.


    • priority23
      priority23 commented
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      It's not that bad if you'd tell them if there is something wrong about how they present themselves towards you. They're trying to make a good impression, right? Then tell them your honest comments about how they have made a good or bad impression to you.

    • TickleMyTesla
      TickleMyTesla commented
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      Well, that is a nice move, but then men are not that stupid not to know that you are just sugar coating your statements. Lol.

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    If I see something about him that is rude and intolerable then I should call him out for his insensitive acts. I do not like people who act mannerless, we should always call those people out.


    • RachelSiryn
      RachelSiryn commented
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      If he's offending anyone, please do offend him by calling him out on his stupid acts and being mannerless. In this generation, we shouldn't be tolerating people who treat other people like shit.

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    For me, you should just ignore it. After all, you won't have a second date, I guess?


    • lovestudder
      lovestudder commented
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      Yeah, let it all pass as it would only be the first and last time that you'll ever get to see them again. Lol!

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    With all of my dates, I was never offended by smell or anything. I only griped that I had was their dirty fingernails. Yes, there were some men who had dirty fingernails.


    • ruby78
      ruby78 commented
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      They've been working hard but they're forgetting about their personal hygiene. I hope those men should go to a spa and get their nails fixed if they cannot handle it themselves.

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    When you get turned off easily, then I guess that the problem lies on you and not on your date. How about making your understanding wide and free? In that way, you won't get easily offended.


    • elatederic
      elatederic commented
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      you can't blame other people if that's their mindset or how they view things from their perspective. Expect it to be that they can get easily offended over things that don't seem to be offensive to some.

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    The best way is just to ignore it. You do not need to point it out to him. Should you not really like him, then you could dump after the first date. We should not complicate things.


    • OreoEater789
      OreoEater789 commented
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      So, is it acceptable to ghost them if in case you got turned off by them? They will not like it but I think they will realize the reason behind why you have done that to them.

    • H3r3foryou
      H3r3foryou commented
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      OreoEater789 They would not like it that you ghosted them, but it would not be automatic that they would know the reason why you ghosted them.

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    Would you be able to point it out directly on his face? I doubt if someone would have the nerve to express it that easily.


    • LiquidAss
      LiquidAss commented
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      Most people won't do it on their dates. But they could respond by not having another date with that person anymore.

    • AngelsMountain
      AngelsMountain commented
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      People sometimes do have that audacity to tell someone about the things that they do that turns them off. I think it's arrogant and rude to speak too straightforward for people you don't seem to know how they'd respond to it.

    • melaniamania
      melaniamania commented
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      I won't. Common decency would dictate that we should not tell it outrightly. It is call a decorum.