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  • Stalker?!

    You got a call from your friend and she said that she experienced something scary. So here's her story. She met someone online and was about to hookup with him. She didn't mention any personal information about her but surprisingly, the guy showed up in her doorstep. She didn't mind it because he might have gotten her address online. But then when they came to the guy's place (that's where they are going to hookup), she saw stolen pictures of her. She got scared so she ran away without saying anything. That guy is definitely her stalker. What do you think?

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    That is super scary! I am glad that she got the chance to run away from him. I bet he has already planned to do some creepy things with her. And yes, he is definitely her stalker.


    • hulagirlsexsexyum
      hulagirlsexsexyum commented
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      I'm glad that she's too quick to act on her feet, she got away from the worse possible things that could have happen. Well, she should be very careful next time not going to the place where her hookup lives.

    • sexualdepth
      sexualdepth commented
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      How come you classified him as a stalker? What made him so? Keeping some photos does not automatically make you a stalker.

    • Snugglebear
      Snugglebear commented
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      Creepy things like what? I did not find him scary but I wonder what could have happened next?

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    Where did she see her stolen pictures? Were it just posted on his walls? I do not think that the man is that dumb as not to hide her stolen photos when he knew that they were going to his place. But, yeah, that would be a bit creepy for me.


    • Tastype
      Tastype commented
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      He's been creeping on her for a long time and it is definitely not good. At least she got away with it before something worst even happens to her.

    • scrumptious1
      scrumptious1 commented
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      Tastype It did not answer the question on why those photos were posted on his walls openly. If I were the guy, I would not let the photos be seen by the person whom I was stalking.

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    He could be your stalker so it was good that you run away as quickly as possible. I just could not imagine how you did it, but it was good that you did. You could have been murdered after having sex with him, who knows?


    • kissmeback
      kissmeback commented
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      smilebaby It may be brutal, but it actually happens in real life. What if he was a serial killer?

    • Teanett
      Teanett commented
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      Did he not run after you when you attempted to escape? Did he contact you once again after you ran from him?

    • demoomed
      demoomed commented
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      Murdered immediately? How about being ****d first, then murdered next? Oh, my imagination is running so wild. Blame it to those detective stories that I watched on the Internet.

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    She should have stayed and inquired more about those stolen photos. It could be that those photos are surprise gifts for her. She should have asked his motives on why he had those photos.


    • Saltinte
      Saltinte commented
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      goodlove She should have asked, it is never rude and it is never a bad thing to ask first, right? Oh my, she missed the opportunity to meet a professional photographer.

    • AngelsMountain
      AngelsMountain commented
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      If I were the girl, I would be surprised and would inquire immediately how much those photos are. I think that I would have to buy them all. I assume that those photos all stolen poses.

    • Tastyrese
      Tastyrese commented
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      I surmise that the man was a photographer, and he planned to surprise her with those stolen photos. Why would he let those photos be seen openly when that was not the case.

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    That guy is with no doubt your friend's stalker. But I think it's her fault because she should have done some background check before actually meeting up with him. But what's done is done so let's just be thankful that nothing bad happened to her.


    • Hugurerbe
      Hugurerbe commented
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      Background check is actually difficult to do. You could check out his social media profiles but it would not show everything that you need to do,

    • pamela76
      pamela76 commented
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      Hugurerbe true! Maybe she should have hired a private investigator. But through that, she will have to spend so much money and time. Maybe she should just be careful with the guys that she's meeting up with.

    • SupaPussy789
      SupaPussy789 commented
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      Sometimes, you could not easily do those background checks. What if they are using some other names?

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    I do not think that the man was a stalker. So what if he had stolen photos? We could be a photographer, and he wanted to surprise her with this works. Too bad as she ran away without knowing the complete picture. Sometime, we need to wait and see in order for the whole picture to be revealed.


    • Freew0man82
      Freew0man82 commented
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      Well, you made me think otherwise. Well, at least she got away just to be safe. I'm concerned about the guy as well, but he shouldn't be acting all creepy in the first place. right?

    • cristel
      cristel commented
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      She did not clearly see the other compiled photos, it could be some other women as well. He could have the best model already but too bad she judged him too quickly for being a creep. I actually feel bad for the guy right now.

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    That guy used to be in her math class during middle school? could it be her lab partner during high school? What else? She cannot remember him already? I feel bad for the guy, he turned out to be a creep when all he wants is to be his friend.


    • AmazeAlive
      AmazeAlive commented
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      HE might be either one of those you've mentioned but I feel way more bad about her having a shitty memory that would cause her to forget that he is somehow someone she knew before.

    • JoeyBaby
      JoeyBaby commented
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      Whatever he is, he never meant anything to her life. He should've at least told her earlier then she wouldn't feel so paranoid around him, right?

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    Hold on, why did she agree to come over to his place during their first meeting? That's already a red-flag there, they should've at least went somewhere public where there are people around so if there's some case of trouble, the people are aware of it.


    • hameroon27
      hameroon27 commented
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      Exactly, I was also bothered about the part when she came over to his place. Now, she has seen in already that she will be in deep trouble and no one is there to know, then again I'm glad she made her escape and I'm sure she will never let those things happen to her again.

    • kittycat123
      kittycat123 commented
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      I think that she's been too naive to be going places with him when she knows that a part of her must avoid him because it's too early for them to be that close to come over to his place. Yes, we should keep in mind that we should meetup with those new hookups to somewhere crowded.

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    Stalker? Was the guy unappealing and definitely looks like a creep? Then I guess it's easy to tell that he looks like a stalker but if that were a handsome man then I guess she would have been turned on knowing that he is 'obsessed' with her, rather be scared that it is still creepy.


    • Infomarry
      Infomarry commented
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      Oh, that's funny. I get it, well, like is so unfair right? If you're good looking, they don't seem to be bothered about being a stalker but if you're not that good-looking, people would say that you're a psychopath or something which is really offensive but it is funny 'coz it's true.

  • #11
    No, not really. If I find a guy to have my photos on his wall, I'd suspect that he is obsessed with me, not in a creepy way but I would be so turned on that he's really into me. Trust me, I will immediately get him all laid down for that night.


    • #12
      I was wondering how he'd get all those photos, he must be following you after work or he knows you from somewhere. Anyway, it's quite creepy but then again, you should've give him a chance to get to know him better.


      • #13
        How come he was able to know your address without you telling him? How did he get it? I do not think that you had posted your complete address online for everyone to see.


        • #14
          What do you mean with those stolen pictures? Where did he steal the photos? Did he download them from your social media accounts?


          • #15
            She ran away and then? So, what happened next? I guess the man came running after her. Then grabbed her from behind and pulled her aside. Oh, well, I am getting morbid here. Lol.