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The unexpected hookup

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  • The unexpected hookup

    This happened last night when a coworker/guy friend asked me to come over because his girlfriend just dumped him. So, I came over to his place, we had drinks and talked about his problems. It was getting late so he insists to let me stay for the night. I went to his bed and he laid beside me, he then grabbed my waist and started kissing me. He asked permission if it's okay for him to go all the way, then the next thing you know is that we're both naked and he's on top of me. After everything's been done, we cuddled all night and before I even left his place, he asked if there will be a next time. I looked at him and said, "We'll see".

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    Why only "We'll see" and not "Of course"?
    It looked like you enjoyed the things that you did on that night. I am pretty sure that you will visit him even without a prior invitation just to surprise him.


    • veronIZA
      veronIZA commented
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      When a person says "We'll see", it means that things might happen unexpectedly, what if his girlfriend decides to come back to him? Then there would be no chance for them to hook up again, it would only be just a one night stand but if he's single and is ready to mingle then she will be available for him too.

    • AmazeAlive
      AmazeAlive commented
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      If asked if there would be a next time, there is usually one answer from me and that would be: "Sure".

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    For me, it was not unexpected at all. If I would come and console a friend then I would be expecting that something would be going to happen when there are alcoholic drinks involved. The keywords there were to stay for the night. Those are the keywords that I would need to hear and the chance to have a hookup would already be high.


    • dagift2womens
      dagift2womens commented
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      So, do you often to this kind of comforting to your guy friends too? If so, then you must be that kindhearted friend that is willing to give them everything, including sex just to make them feel better. I wish I could have a friend like you SpoiledTeaTasty.

    • lovestudder
      lovestudder commented
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      Many times in the past, this one friend would always tell me to stay for the night after a drinking spree at his place. I always replied that I needed to go. So, even for once, nothing happened between us.

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    You could be friends with benefits after the first encounter. After all, his ex had already dumped him. Most people would not go back to their exes once they got over it.


    • shumwap
      shumwap commented
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      Yeah. He was already dumped so there is a little chance that the girl would come back for him. So, if that is the case, and if you like him then you could suggest to him that you like to level up your relationship with him.

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    I think you already like him even when he was still in a relationship. That's why you agreed to come over to his place knowing that there's a possibility for a hookup. Lol. You're an opportunist, aren't you?


    • Movievestre
      Movievestre commented
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      Hahaha. I bet that she was so excited to go to his place and she rushed everything to get to his place. She was exciting that something good would really gonna happen.

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    As a friend, you should not have hooked up with him. You were there just to provide comfort and not to provide an another kind of comfort. What were you thinking at that time?


    • Jessine05
      Jessine05 commented
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      Maybe they both got carried away in the moment. And maybe this girl has hidden desires towards his coworker that's why she went into his place in the first place.

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    Are you okay with the fact that he's just using you as a rebound? I bet that while you two are having sex, he was imagining that he was having sex with his ex girlfriend.


    • goodlove
      goodlove commented
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      That's harsh, but it's possibly true! He might be thinking of his ex while he is fucking her, that's too much of him but maybe she likes him that much that's why she lets him do whatever he wants.

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    Do you always give comfort to all your male friends? Are you that helpful with all your friends who need some comfort? lol.


    • RachelSiryn
      RachelSiryn commented
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      I guess that's how generous she is. Maybe she gets so much satisfaction through comforting her brokenhearted friends.Well, comforting in bed, if I must say.

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    I don't think that hooking up with your coworker was a good idea. For sure, things will be awkward between the two of you while you're in the office.


    • crzyyouandme
      crzyyouandme commented
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      I do think that it's true, it would be a lot awkward but as long as no one knows then they should continue hooking up out of their workplace.

    • Marie25
      Marie25 commented
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      It will never be awkward unless one of them has told some of their coworkers about that hookup but I'm sure that they can keep a secret about that. They're adults already so I think everything is just going to be fine.

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    Originally posted by scrumptious1 View Post
    I went to his bed and he laid beside me, he then grabbed my waist and started kissing me.
    Why did you go to his bed when there could be other beds? lol.


    • carzin89
      carzin89 commented
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      Yeah, she should've just laid on the couch so that there will be no space for him to lay beside her. I think she purposely laid on his bed so they can go straight to having sex.

    • sexsexgirlnowme
      sexsexgirlnowme commented
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      Airglax obviously he only has ONE bed, I think his bed is comfortable that why she chose to stay there instead of laying down on his sofa.

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    Wait, why did he ask you to go to his place? Was it because he was dumped or because of his other problems? Which one?


    • Alivens
      Alivens commented
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      I guess his problems were because of the dumping that happened. The guy must have invited this girl in order to ask for some comfort and for someone to hear him.

    • Blockro
      Blockro commented
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      He's the one who has problems, so you'd expect him to offer a place just as long as you offer him a shoulder to cry on. Why would you expect his friend to offer a place when he's the one who's in need, right?

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    I think through saying "We'll see", you just got his hopes up. Maybe you should have said that it was a one time thing rather than making him hope for nothing.


    • stubbornass
      stubbornass commented
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      Or maybe what if SHE'S the one who's been expecting to have more hookups with him. Yep, she's the one who's getting all her hopes up. Why do I feel like it was just a one-time thing? I can also feel like he already got back with his girlfriend, so there will never be another chance for them to hook up again.

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    I guess you said that because he was good in bed, right? Because you won't say that if you weren't satisfied. Anyway, I think you can suggest an FWB situation with him if another hookup will occur.


    • independentG
      independentG commented
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      I'm sure that he will be down for that, but what if his girlfriend came back for him and caught him in bed with her? Would she be surprised to see him hooking up with somebody already?

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    Didn't you think it's possible that he is not really brokenhearted? Rather, he just used that excuse to make you come over and bang you? If that's the case, he is still in a relationship and you just cheated with him.


    • smilebaby
      smilebaby commented
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      He's an opportunist just to get a taste of her. Why didn't he just dump her girlfriend if he has plans to hook up with other of his workmates? She did not deserve that!

    • priority23
      priority23 commented
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      That's what I think too. I think he just really wanted to experience having sex with her that's why he made up a story about being dumped.

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    The fact that you agreed to hookup with him for once means that you are interested in him. So I think you should have just said yes right away rather than messing with his mind by saying "We'll see".