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  • Partner Of Your Friend

    Has any of you thought of hooking up with the boyfriend/girlfriend of a close friend?

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    It hasn't crossed my mind but an ex of a friend tried to make a pass at me before.


    • kittycat123
      kittycat123 commented
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      And what did you do? Did you accept his offer and made hot actions with each other without the knowledge of the world?

    • Softandwet
      Softandwet commented
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      Oh, an ex of a friend. Well, okay, that was nice. That is better than trying to make a pass on you while they are still together.

    • SaltBabyFlavor
      SaltBabyFlavor commented
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      If it never crossed your mind then you are a true friend I guess.

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    I have no plans of ever doing it. But I had a friend who wanted me to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend.


    • sexsexgirlnowme
      sexsexgirlnowme commented
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      Your friend should initiate to suggest the idea to her friends. If her friends are liberal, then they might agree with her proposal. It would be a win-win case.

    • Clitcomander
      Clitcomander commented
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      I'm guessing that you rejected that threesome offer?

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    I'm the type who follows that bro-code so its bro's over hoes for me.


    • antitrump
      antitrump commented
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      The same goes for me. And I'm expecting my friends are willing to do the same thing also.

    • VaginalDestruction
      VaginalDestruction commented
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      What if your bro try to hit your girl and doesn't follow your code. Still, are you going for revenge or not?

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    No! Never! Oh, my gosh, why would I do something bad to my close friend? I won't do anything that would make me feel so guilty. Our friendship would be destroyed if I do that action.


    • Houservit
      Houservit commented
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      Glad you will never do it but if ever I got the opportunity because I get tempted easily then I'll keep it a secret between the two of us.

    • punkchick
      punkchick commented
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      What if you like the boyfriend of your close friend and he asked you for a hook up. Would you still say no?

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    Oh, no! Do not tempt me as I might do it! But let us just keep it as a secret, okay? I do not want to look like a slut or something to that effect. LOL.


    • Alivens
      Alivens commented
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      Not necessarily a slut bit if he is an ex its fine with me but hooking up with your best or close friend's lover is so wrong and better keep it a secret if somehow both of you got tempted to do it.

    • QueefPat
      QueefPat commented
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      Actually, if you really do that you will really look like a slut.

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    Thought only? Of course! Most of my friends had awesome boyfriends, so the thoughts were there. But let us differentiate thoughts from actions as those are two different concepts. When you say thought, it only happened on the mind while an action is when it was actually executed and acted.


    • Jansa90
      Jansa90 commented
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      So its better to just fuck them up right on your mind rather than the actual action itself, like self jerking on your mind lol!

    • OreoEater789
      OreoEater789 commented
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      Are you the type who's often left behind when it comes to having partners that's why you've thought of sleeping with some of them.

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    Are you talking about while they're still together? If that's the case, it would be a no. Otherwise, it all depends whether the guy is good looking and into me as well.


    • LiquidAss
      LiquidAss commented
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      I think that they are still together. Their relationship is still going strong when the horniness kicked in. Of all people, why the boyfriend of your friend?

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    Yes, I've thought of it before but I didn't do anything about it since according to my friend he is a selfish lover and doesn't care that you didn't finish.


    • hulagirlsexsexyum
      hulagirlsexsexyum commented
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      Was actually thinking that he wasn't into you that's why you didn't try and flirt with him.

    • Hugurerbe
      Hugurerbe commented
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      LOL. I think that your friend purposely told you that information so that nobody would ever attempt to flirt with her boyfriend.

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    Have no plans of doing it even if it was a threesome or that my friend knows about it.


    • Snugglebear
      Snugglebear commented
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      Why are you not interested to have a threesome with them? Do you feel that things would be awkward right after that encounter?

    • HearAlive
      HearAlive commented
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      What if you are interested in the boyfriend of your friend and he calls you for a threesome, would you still not accept?

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    What's the exact reason why he wanted to hookup with me? Am, I his free pass or something, and does my friend know about this?


    • Infomarry
      Infomarry commented
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      Do you want your friend to know about it? I guess it should be a big no.

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    That's a big NO! for me. I would never betray my friend and hook up with her boyfriend. Good friends are hard to come by these days and I'm not planning to destroy her trust for just a quick hook-up.


    • demoomed
      demoomed commented
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      Oh, okay. You are a nice friend over there. How I wish some of my friends are as good as you are. Ah, I could only wish.

    • JoeyBaby
      JoeyBaby commented
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      Thanks demoomed It's a matter of trust and I don't like being hookup by my friends ex or boyfriends.

  • #13
    I know this one friend that experienced hooking up with her friend's boyfriend and she regrets every moment of it. I really feel bad for her because now her best friend became her worst enemy. The lesson that I learned about her story is not to betray your friend and cherish your friendship.


    • Aloha91
      Aloha91 commented
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      Well that's a total damage and ruined friendship is hard to restore so it must be a difficult time for the both of them.

  • #14
    Yes, I have thought of it since I was tipsy and horny at the time and my friend was on a road trip with her family.


    • RachelSiryn
      RachelSiryn commented
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      Only thought of it? Did you ever had any sexual contact with the guy whom you're horny with.

    • InsightChic
      InsightChic commented
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      You are not a true friend in that case then.

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    Never! I may be a flirt but I would not sacrifice my friend's feelings for just my own satisfaction.


    • pamela76
      pamela76 commented
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      I am also lucky because I have them if I need them, btw how about you and your friends? crystalinejoy

    • crystalinejoy
      crystalinejoy commented
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      pamela76 we are kinda good, the only thing that I miss is our bonding, it's kinda sad, because we all are from different places.

    • pamela76
      pamela76 commented
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      So you haven't met them for a while now? crystalinejoy