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  • Over and over again!

    My friend has fallen deeply in love with someone that does not even love her back. She says that she's used to it but it seems like she never learned anything from her past mistakes. It feels like she's stuck and can't seem to make an improvement, well, at least for herself. Now, I must say that she's been falling for the same mistakes over and over again. What can we do to help?

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    It has become her routine, and if she thinks it's normal for her and seems to be okay with it then leave her be. Let her do whatever she wants, she is not even asking for your help, so I think she can handle it.


    • hameroon27
      hameroon27 commented
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      She will be fine, as long as she is not bothered with it then she should continue her routine just like that.

    • XYZKate
      XYZKate commented
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      I think she does not need any help, she's just tripping around as I can imagine. Well, people are used to things like that and they don't seem to be bothered at all.

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    Can someone please give her one solid slap so she can finally get into her senses that she must do something about it instead of just doing the same mistakes over and over again? Why does she need to let herself suffer just like that? Is she okay? Ish she REALLY okay? Because I don't think so.


    • veronIZA
      veronIZA commented
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      she's not okay, but she seems to be enjoying the pain that she's feeling. She already got used to it and thinks that her life would be stuck that way forever. To make it short, she has already accepted her fate.

    • AngelsMountain
      AngelsMountain commented
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      Girl, do not give her a slap. Please don't. Just don't. She needs two slaps! One each for her cheeks! Lol. I hope that she would get to her senses after those two slaps.

    • Freew0man82
      Freew0man82 commented
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      You do not need to ask someone to slap her. You could do it alone and I would have to support you for that one.

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    What can we do to help? Tell her to get some help, or help herself first. If she cannot realize that she's letting herself suffer then she will be completely stuck in that cycle. Rather, she's stuck in a limbo and she's just being so hard on herself already.


    • lovestudder
      lovestudder commented
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      She's stuck in a cycle and she cannot do anything about it. Let her be like that if she wants to be stuck like that, it's not my fault that she chose to be that way, even if I try my best to tell her to change her ways, she's just so hard-headed and that's what she has brought herself into.

    • Snugglebear
      Snugglebear commented
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      Oh, that is a sad thing. Being stuck in a limbo is really difficult. When you could not move anymore, you feel like helpless already.

    • fallinlove
      fallinlove commented
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      First, is she aware of her situation? If not, then someone gotta tell her about it. She could be so clueless about her case. If that is the case, then she should be pitied.

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    You could give her some advices, but if she has a hard time figuring it out, then there is no use of it. Why give someone advices which would not be heeded, anyway? Sometimes, we need to stop giving out advices and let her think of a solution on how to get things up.


    • KenjiNephew
      KenjiNephew commented
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      Exactly, there are moments when it's best to leave her alone and she should resolve her own problems. So you won't be stressing out dealing with her problem.

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    Would you like to slap your friend so that she would be able to go back to her sanity? It would be hard to love someone who would never love you back. One way love should never be done. If you that one, you would be the great loser in the end.


    • rumdrum
      rumdrum commented
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      A loser in bed? Well, that escalated quickly! I think that you should give her just one slap and convince her that she should change her shitty ways. It's almost 2020 and she's still living the shittiest point of her life? What a waste!

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    When we do not learn from our lessons, the same mistakes would come again. It would come again until we say that it is over. Over in the sense that we would not be doing those similar mistakes again.


    • Alivens
      Alivens commented
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      For her, the right time to stop is when she grew tired of it, I can tell that she is not tired at all. That's why she keeps making the same mistakes because it's like fuel to her and is up to do no good things again lol!

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    How about if we reverse it? How about waiting for someone who would love her first before she loves him back? I guess that would be the solution to her issue.


    • SupaPussy789
      SupaPussy789 commented
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      She could do that one, but when would that man arrive? Would that man even exist to see her?

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    She should not love those men completely like 100%. She should keep her love level up to 50% only. In that way, she would have something left for her when those men dumped her.


    • SandyDempsey
      SandyDempsey commented
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      I'm sure that there would be a chance that she might change her ways already. She will never make those same mistakes over and over again, there will come a time that she will say that she's through with this cycle then she would start changing her ways already.

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    Your friend is such a pathetic being. Why would she continue to do something which she knows would make her unhappy? When would she learn to use the thing called brain? When?


    • melaniamania
      melaniamania commented
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      I think she's already numbed for the things that had happened to her in the past and now that the same things are happening to her all over again, she no longer deals with this, instead, she's just enjoying it as if she's doing it on purpose already to make her feel immuned to it.

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    Quit helping her. Do not provide any advice anymore. She doesn't need it, and she won't change in the near future. Let her keep on having the same mistake over and over again.


    • kizliak
      kizliak commented
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      She's not even asking for any help so let's just leave her that way, lol! I think she will never have a serious relationship if she does not learn anything from her mistakes.

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    When you make mistakes over and over again, then that makes you a dumb person. Why doesn't she learn from those same mistakes?


    • PrincessGail
      PrincessGail commented
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      I bet because she's dumb already? Lol, she chose to be that way, she chose to become blind by her own mistakes and was used to doing it over and over again as if it were a normal thing to her already.

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    If she keeps on doing the same mistakes then I'm afraid that nothing and no one can help but herself. Maybe she became addicted to the pain that she felt from those mistakes that's why she keeps on doing them.


    • Fransha33
      Fransha33 commented
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      True. People who keep on doing the same mistakes over and over again are people who refuse to accept that they are doing something wrong already. Those are the people who do not want to admit that they need to correct themselves.

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    Your friend must have been really in love with the guy. She turns herself into a martyr and she's probably hoping that someday the guy will love her back. What I can suggest is that you should get her away from the guy as soon as possible so that she will be able to move on already.


    • AlysaBdN
      AlysaBdN commented
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      Ugh, that guy must've treated her badly and made her think that there won't be other guys that will treat her like he does. Fool! She should get a grip that he's not the only guy in the world. She can do better, they're both crazy!

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    You can help your friend by letting her see the reality that the guy she likes will never like her back. Maybe you should give her a hard evidence which shows that the guy likes someone else already.


    • Movievestre
      Movievestre commented
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      Try as I may, but my friend does not want to heed my advice then our friendship must end there. I bet that if I were other of her friends, she might snap out of it, but then again, this is just me. I will end my friendship with her for good.