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  • Music: What are you listening to?

  • #2 Motley Crue-Same Ol' Situation


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      These guys rocked when I was 12year old who didn't realize, like most others, that we were witnessing history, where great music, Rock and Roll, was being made by a million different fringe artists. Today, music is "made" by TV shit shows, and the people are so FUCKING dumb, they can't sense drivel from dynamic!! Sniff 'n the tears - Driver's seat


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        This is my all time favorite music.


        • kissmeback
          kissmeback commented
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          I think this is something I like to hear. lol

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        • stubbornass
          stubbornass commented
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          Have you always been a fan of Fergie?

        • lovestudder
          lovestudder commented
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          Yep, she has a great voice. I notice her first in the hip hop group Black Eyed Peas.

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        The last song that I listened to was Master Of Puppets by Metallica


        • Teanett
          Teanett commented
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          Have you always been a fan of Metallica?

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        I know I'm a bit young to be loving this song but when I heard it, it rocks my world.


        • SandyDempsey
          SandyDempsey commented
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          Music has no age preference so you are free to like any music you want.

        • melaniamania
          melaniamania commented
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          I hope that you knew the song way before the movie was released

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        I don't actually know why I listen to this song but whenever I do, it always gives me hope.


        • AnniePath
          AnniePath commented
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          I agree, this song actually expresses how I feel right now.

        • RachelSiryn
          RachelSiryn commented
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          AnniePath Well, music is one way to express how we feel.

      • #9 Ratt Nobody Rides For Free

        My favorite RATT song.


        • punkchick
          punkchick commented
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          Are you a fan of 80's hair metal bands?

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        • Gretchen
          Gretchen commented
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          Nicole Scherzinger is BEAUTIFUL. She's a goddess. She's so talented, and gorgeous, and hot. She has a beauty of another world.I love her !

        • shumwap
          shumwap commented
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          I'm glad you like her too.

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        Been a fan of Eminem for a long time now and one of his song that stands out for me is "not Afraid'.


        • HearAlive
          HearAlive commented
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          I also like him a lot, un the music industry, he's my crush.

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        • kittycat123
          kittycat123 commented
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          This is one of my favorite music videos. Competition between genders. lol

        • antitrump
          antitrump commented
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          Got curious, So I played this. This song is pretty good. How come I did not hear this before?

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        It would be this one for me.


        • Movievestre
          Movievestre commented
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          Been listening to this song right now and I can say, it's one of the best songs I've ever listened to.

        • FedoraTheExplora
          FedoraTheExplora commented
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          Movievestre Indeed, it's because it has a very uplifting lyrics.

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        This is what I am listening right now.


        • scrumptious1
          scrumptious1 commented
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          I like this song too. I think it was the theme song of Deadpool 2.

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        • hulagirlsexsexyum
          hulagirlsexsexyum commented
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          This song is actually good although I am not into this kind of genre.