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  • Space programs

    One not so rich country, which I will not name, sent their spacecraft to the moon making them the fourth country in the world to make such a space program. Some people have criticized the country that it is spending its money on things that is not much needed. They said that it should have spent the money on making the country's poor meet its needs. They countered that their space program does not cost as much as the others.

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    Are you going to keep us guessing the country that you are talking about?


    • DilDoDabbins
      DilDoDabbins commented
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      I think I already know the country. I read it on the news few days ago.

    • demoomed
      demoomed commented
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      DilDoDabbins so what's the country that she's talking about?

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    I do not understand. What space program is this?


    • QueefPat
      QueefPat commented
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      She said that it was going to the moon. Maybe, it will do some researches or something?

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    For the space programs, let us leave it with the USA as they know what they are doing.


    • NinaMcAdams
      NinaMcAdams commented
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      The Chinese are also catching up now. They have been late in exploring the space but at least they have begun to catch up.

    • LiquidAss
      LiquidAss commented
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      sexualdepth how about Russia? Do you believe in the conspiracies of Russia and space crafts and alien encounters?

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    I was expecting that this would be about having sex in space lol. Like if you're willing to volunteer if there's going to be a space program about sex


    • smilebaby
      smilebaby commented
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      They had a plan about this one. But it was not actually a sex in the outer space. They would send people on Mars and leave them there. Yes, it would be a one way trip. Future plans would have them have sex and populate Mars but that would be decades from now.

    • JenniferFray
      JenniferFray commented
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      The astronauts had come and gone to the outer space but they never made a sex experiment. Well, at least, none that we know of. Should they do a sex experiment while they are floating in zero gravity.

    • hulagirlsexsexyum
      hulagirlsexsexyum commented
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      JenniferFray I think there were some studies about sex in zero gravity but they haven't actually done the deed in space

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    Why didn't you wrote what country you're talking about?


    • Freew0man82
      Freew0man82 commented
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      I will answer it here so that no one would be guessing anymore. She is talking about India.

    • lovestudder
      lovestudder commented
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      Ohh, I get it. Thank you Freew0man82

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    Reading the comments, it only shows that some of you aren't aware of the news.


    • Airglax
      Airglax commented
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      Maybe that's not something that they're interested in that's why they were not aware of it

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    Speaking of space programs, have you heard about what happened with the Israeli lunar lander that crashed and contained some Tardigrades?