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    I love sexsearch and it's helped me have so much fun! However, moving forward, a site needs to evolve and improve and I think as members, we have some responsibility to help a site improve itself through feedback. As someone who has been in online dating for quite some time and used many sites, I think it's about time that sexsearch has a mobile app. Most sites out there now have mobile apps since people use their mobiles all the time and it would be really convenient for many to be able to login to the website via mobile and do their activities.

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    A mobile app is going to make my life a lot easier! I really hope SexSearch comes up with one soon.


    • AliveAngels
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      I am pretty excited too! I wonder when it comes up.

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    @wendy_bubble_butt I think that's a great suggestion and a very timely one too. You're right, most adult dating sites out there do offer mobile apps and I don't see why SexSearch shouldn't. There have been some rumors about a mobile app under development and I hope that it's true. It would be amazing to be able to login to the site via mobile when you're on the go. I don't use my office computer to login to the site, so I'm never able to do anything while at work. If there was a mobile app, I'd be able to get things done quicker and hook up more often.


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      Visit , I think you will find what you are looking for


      • smilebaby
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        thank you for that link! Btw, do you usually visit this site?

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