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  • Your Life As A Show Or Movie

    If your life would be turned into a show or a movie, what kind of genre do you think it would be? I feel that mine would be one of those mumblecore movies.

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    I will go with satire comedy since my life is all about fun and it's also hilarious. Satirical comedy shows like Big Bang Theory and Moden Family will give you an idea about it.


    • daddyslittleG1rl
      daddyslittleG1rl commented
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      I think it's a good choice and will you also make them put those laughing people in the background?

    • JoeyBaby
      JoeyBaby commented
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      I am currently watching Big bang theory. and it's really

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    There's really a lot of drama in my life so that will be the genre I am after and if I'll choose the actor who is going to play me then I'll choose Elizabeth Olsen.


    • SupaPussy789
      SupaPussy789 commented
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      I think you will focus on the story of what's happening in your life now cos you chose an old actor to play you.

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    I would like for my movie or show to be told in a non-linear manner like Pulp Fiction or Go.


    • HearAlive
      HearAlive commented
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      So you don't care what genre it will be as long as it is told in a non-linear manner?

    • Infomarry
      Infomarry commented
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      HearAlive It will be a mixed genre of everything as long as it will be told in a non-linear manner.

    • HearAlive
      HearAlive commented
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      Infomarry oh,That's better.

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    I feel it would be something like Reality Bites or the HBO show Girls.


    • AliveAngels
      AliveAngels commented
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      Which one of the characters in the movie Reality Bites you relate the most. And why do you think that your life feels like that movie?

    • PieFun
      PieFun commented
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      I don't know, but I think it really relates to me. like all of them in different pictures. @liveAngels

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    I will go for a Musical genre and there are going to be a few dance numbers along the way.


    • crystalinejoy
      crystalinejoy commented
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      I hope it will not end up like Highschool Musical lol. Will you consider it to be a movie or show?

    • Teanett
      Teanett commented
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      What kind of a musical are we talking about here? Is it something like Rent or something more like Rocketman?

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    If were just talking about a specific time period of my life, I would prefer that it would be around my senior year in high school like Superbad or Book Smart.


    • SpoiledTeaTasty
      SpoiledTeaTasty commented
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      I guess you just want your life to look like a coming of age movie.

    • Aloha91
      Aloha91 commented
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      So it will be getting booze and getting drunk which you are going to portray in the movie?

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    I wonder if somebody will answer here that their life was a horror movie or a psychological thriller.


    • Tastype
      Tastype commented
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      Blockro Yeah right. good thing I am not that miserable.

    • Blockro
      Blockro commented
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      aw, you are lucky that your life is not that miserable.

    • Alivens
      Alivens commented
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      Blockro I don't know, but maybe it would be drama, because life is full of drama.

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    It will be like the movie Stranger Than Fiction or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Like I'm an ordinary person who has her life change by some strange event.


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      I think that my life feels like a cult movie. A few people knew about it but their lives were changed because of meeting me lol.


      • GoobleHipur
        GoobleHipur commented
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        crzyyouandme Yeah, I think so.

      • fashiones12
        fashiones12 commented
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        How about you and your friends? are you the one who is BI or them? crzyyouandme

      • crzyyouandme
        crzyyouandme commented
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        What do you mean? GoobleHipur you should tell us if it's good or the opposite. fashiones12 Well it's balance lol. Sometimes bad especially if my fun side kicks in and sometimes good lol.

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      I will go for a comedy/fantasy but I'm not making a porn movie lol maybe stick with the Adults-Only rating since I'll focus on my sex life.


      • MoiraClay
        MoiraClay commented
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        What do you mean? Are you asking me if I like sex in the city? will love it. AnniePath

      • carzin89
        carzin89 commented
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        Yeah, after the pandemic will do, and it's more safe than this kind of situation. MoiraClay

      • AnniePath
        AnniePath commented
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        It would be okay to have sex their as long as not in the public place. MoiraClay

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      I might go with a documentary and start it out when I was a baby lol. This might sound boring but I will go for it.


      • AlysaBdN
        AlysaBdN commented
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        So you want to have your entire life covered from birth until the day you die?

      • sexsexgirlnowme
        sexsexgirlnowme commented
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        I think if you will ever make a documentary of yourself then you will bore your viewers to death.

      • AngelsMountain
        AngelsMountain commented
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        Nope, it's not like that. AlysaBdN

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      I don't know if a superhero action movie will work lol. I think I'll give it a dark comedy theme like the show "The Boys".


      • elatederic
        elatederic commented
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        I was actually thinking that the title will be the same as your profile name "BlackmanAndRobbin" It sounds like a superhero porn parody where a black man will suit up as batman and you will be robin who will be fucked by batman I mean blackman lol.

      • priority23
        priority23 commented
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        It can be a superhero movie if you know someone who can fly and has super strength lol.

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      Mine will only be a short film that will only take less than an hour. I will summarize it and I will only go with a low-budget mediocre film and mix it out with a bit of comedy so it won't be trash.


      • shumwap
        shumwap commented
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        I hope the story is not trash even if you will just go with a low-budget film and I'm sure your actors are also the cheap ones or the unknowns.

      • ChristineOh
        ChristineOh commented
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        shumwap It is not, I like comedy so, it's not trash tho.

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      As much as I want it to be one of those Michael Bay movies (nonstop explosions) I feel that it would be a low budget movie that was shot in black and white.